Matthew Leonard Maciejewski, PhD

Professor in Medicine
Department / Division:
Medicine / General Internal Medicine
Hock Plaza 2424 Erwin Road
Durhajm, NC 27705
Office Telephone:
(919) 286-6936
  • PhD, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, 1998
Research Interests:
Matt Maciejewski, PhD is a Professor in the Division of General Internal Medicine, Department of Medicine. He is also a Research Career Scientist and Director of the Health Economics and Policy Unit in the Center for Health Services Research in Primary Care at the Durham VA Medical Center. Matt also holds Adjunct Professor appointments in the Schools of Public Health and Pharmacy at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

He has research interests in four areas:

1) evaluation of surgical and behavioral interventions for the management of obesity and cardiometabolic conditions
2) evaluation of cost-sharing changes on demand for medications and health services
3) analysis of health care utilization and expenditures in experimental and quasi-experimental studies
4) methods for addressing unobserved confounding in observational studies.

Matt has received funding from VA HSR&D, CMS, AHRQ, and the RWJ Foundation. He has published over 100 papers in peer-reviewed journals such as JAMA, Archives of Internal Medicine, Archives of Surgery, Health Economics, Medical Care, Health Services Research, Journal of Clinical Epidemiology and Diabetes Care.
Representative Publications:
  • Maciejewski, ML; Harman, JS. Patient satisfaction associated with lower emergency department use but more hospitalisations and higher costs and mortality. Evidence-based medicine. 2013;18:e10.  Abstract
  • Butler, MG; Farley, JF; Sleath, BL; Murray, MD; Maciejewski, ML. Medicare part D information seeking: the role of recognition of need and patient activation. Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy. 2012;8:433-442.  Abstract
  • Farley, JF; Wansink, D; Lindquist, JH; Parker, JC; Maciejewski, ML. Medication adherence changes following value-based insurance design. American Journal of Managed Care. 2012;18:265-274.  Abstract
  • Hall, RK; Wang, V; Jackson, GL; Hammill, BG; Maciejewski, ML; Yano, EM; Svetkey, LP; Patel, UD. Implementation of automated reporting of estimated glomerular filtration rate among Veterans Affairs laboratories: a retrospective study. BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making. 2012;12:69.  Abstract
  • Hansen, RA; Maciejewski, M; Yu-Isenberg, K; Farley, JF. Adherence to antipsychotics and cardiometabolic medication: association with health care utilization and costs. Psychiatric Services. 2012;63:920-928.  Abstract
  • Liu, CF; Bryson, CL; Burgess, JF; Sharp, N; Perkins, M; Maciejewski, ML. Use of outpatient care in VA and Medicare among disability-eligible and age-eligible veteran patients. BMC Health Services Research. 2012;12:51.  Abstract
  • Maciejewski, ML; Liu, CF; Kavee, AL; Olsen, MK. How price responsive is the demand for specialty care?. Health Economics. 2012;21:902-912.  Abstract
  • Maciejewski, ML; Livingston, EH; Smith, VA; Kahwati, LC; Henderson, WG; Arterburn, DE. Health expenditures among high-risk patients after gastric bypass and matched controls. Archives of Surgery. 2012;147:633-640.  Abstract
  • Taber, DR; Stevens, J; Poole, C; Maciejewski, ML; Evenson, KR; Ward, DS. State disparities in time trends of adolescent body mass index percentile and weight-related behaviors in the United States. Journal of Community Health. 2012;37:242-252.  Abstract
  • Voils, CI; Chang, Y; Crandell, J; Leeman, J; Sandelowski, M; Maciejewski, ML. Informing the dosing of interventions in randomized trials. Contemporary Clinical Trials. 2012;33:1225-1230.  Abstract
  • Voils, CI; Coffman, CJ; Edelman, D; Maciejewski, ML; Grubber, JM; Sadeghpour, A; Cho, A; McKenzie, J; Blanpain, F; Scheuner, M; Sandelowski, M; Gallagher, MP; Ginsburg, GS; Yancy, WS. Examining the impact of genetic testing for type 2 diabetes on health behaviors: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. Trials. 2012;13:121.  Abstract
  • Voils, CI; Maciejewski, ML; Hoyle, RH; Reeve, BB; Gallagher, P; Bryson, CL; Yancy, WS. Initial validation of a self-report measure of the extent of and reasons for medication nonadherence. Medical Care. 2012;50:1013-1019.  Abstract
  • Wong, ES; Piette, JD; Liu, CF; Perkins, M; Maciejewski, ML; Jackson, GL; Blough, DK; Fihn, SD; Au, DH; Bryson, CL. Measures of adherence to oral hypoglycemic agents at the primary care clinic level: the role of risk adjustment. Medical Care. 2012;50:591-598.  Abstract
  • Bell, JF; Zimmerman, FJ; Arterburn, DE; Maciejewski, ML. Health-care expenditures of overweight and obese males and females in the medical expenditures panel survey by age cohort. Obesity. 2011;19:228-232.  Abstract
  • Burgess, JF; Maciejewski, ML; Bryson, CL; Chapko, M; Fortney, JC; Perkins, M; Sharp, ND; Liu, CF. Importance of health system context for evaluating utilization patterns across systems. Health Economics. 2011;20:239-251.  Abstract
  • Chew, RB; Bryson, CL; Au, DH; Maciejewski, ML; Bradley, KA. Are smoking and alcohol misuse associated with subsequent hospitalizations for ambulatory care sensitive conditions?. The Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research. 2011;38:3-15.  Abstract
  • Dowd, B; Maciejewski, ML; O'Connor, H; Riley, G; Geng, Y. Health plan enrollment and mortality in the Medicare program. Health Economics. 2011;20:645-659.  Abstract
  • Farley, JF; Wang, CC; Hansen, RA; Voils, CI; Maciejewski, ML. Continuity of antipsychotic medication management for Medicaid patients with schizophrenia. Psychiatric Services. 2011;62:747-752.  Abstract
  • Fortney, JC; Maciejewski, ML; Tripathi, SP; Deen, TL; Pyne, JM. A budget impact analysis of telemedicine-based collaborative care for depression. Medical Care. 2011;49:872-880.  Abstract
  • Harris, BD; Hanson, C; Christy, C; Adams, T; Banks, A; Willis, TS; Maciejewski, ML. Strict hand hygiene and other practices shortened stays and cut costs and mortality in a pediatric intensive care unit. Health Affairs. 2011;30:1751-1761.  Abstract
  • Kennedy, JJ; Maciejewski, M; Liu, D; Blodgett, E. Cost-related nonadherence in the Medicare program: the impact of Part D. Medical Care. 2011;49:522-526.  Abstract
  • Li, YF; Wong, ES; Sales, AE; Sharp, ND; Needleman, J; Maciejewski, ML; Lowy, E; Alt-White, AC; Liu, CF. Nurse staffing and patient care costs in acute inpatient nursing units. Medical Care. 2011;49:708-715.  Abstract
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  • Roblin, DW; Maciejewski, ML. Repeat experience with the doughnut hole in Medicare Part D: when the doughnut hole becomes a tunnel. Medical Care. 2011;49:436-442.  Abstract
  • Taber, DR; Stevens, J; Evenson, KR; Ward, DS; Poole, C; Maciejewski, ML; Murray, DM; Brownson, RC. State policies targeting junk food in schools: racial/ethnic differences in the effect of policy change on soda consumption. American journal of public health. 2011;101:1769-1775.  Abstract
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