Matthew Leonard Maciejewski, PhD

Professor in Medicine
Department / Division:
Medicine / General Internal Medicine
Hock Plaza 2424 Erwin Road
Durhajm, NC 27705
Office Telephone:
(919) 286-6936
  • PhD, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, 1998
Representative Publications:
  • Maciejewski, ML; Harman, JS. Patient satisfaction associated with lower emergency department use but more hospitalisations and higher costs and mortality. Evidence-Based Medicine. 2013;18:e10.  Abstract
  • Butler, MG; Farley, JF; Sleath, BL; Murray, MD; Maciejewski, ML. Medicare part D information seeking: the role of recognition of need and patient activation. Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy. 2012;8:433-442.  Abstract
  • Farley, JF; Wansink, D; Lindquist, JH; Parker, JC; Maciejewski, ML. Medication adherence changes following value-based insurance design. American Journal of Managed Care. 2012;18:265-274.  Abstract
  • Hall, RK; Wang, V; Jackson, GL; Hammill, BG; Maciejewski, ML; Yano, EM; Svetkey, LP; Patel, UD. Implementation of automated reporting of estimated glomerular filtration rate among Veterans Affairs laboratories: a retrospective study. BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making. 2012;12:69.  Abstract
  • Hansen, RA; Maciejewski, M; Yu-Isenberg, K; Farley, JF. Adherence to antipsychotics and cardiometabolic medication: association with health care utilization and costs. Psychiatric Services. 2012;63:920-928.  Abstract
  • Liu, CF; Bryson, CL; Burgess, JF; Sharp, N; Perkins, M; Maciejewski, ML. Use of outpatient care in VA and Medicare among disability-eligible and age-eligible veteran patients. BMC Health Services Research. 2012;12:51.  Abstract
  • Maciejewski, ML; Liu, CF; Kavee, AL; Olsen, MK. How price responsive is the demand for specialty care?. Health Economics. 2012;21:902-912.  Abstract
  • Maciejewski, ML; Livingston, EH; Smith, VA; Kahwati, LC; Henderson, WG; Arterburn, DE. Health expenditures among high-risk patients after gastric bypass and matched controls. Archives of Surgery. 2012;147:633-640.  Abstract
  • Taber, DR; Stevens, J; Poole, C; Maciejewski, ML; Evenson, KR; Ward, DS. State disparities in time trends of adolescent body mass index percentile and weight-related behaviors in the United States. Journal of Community Health. 2012;37:242-252.  Abstract
  • Voils, CI; Chang, Y; Crandell, J; Leeman, J; Sandelowski, M; Maciejewski, ML. Informing the dosing of interventions in randomized trials. Contemporary Clinical Trials. 2012;33:1225-1230.  Abstract
  • Voils, CI; Coffman, CJ; Edelman, D; Maciejewski, ML; Grubber, JM; Sadeghpour, A; Cho, A; McKenzie, J; Blanpain, F; Scheuner, M; Sandelowski, M; Gallagher, MP; Ginsburg, GS; Yancy, WS. Examining the impact of genetic testing for type 2 diabetes on health behaviors: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. Trials. 2012;13:121.  Abstract
  • Voils, CI; Maciejewski, ML; Hoyle, RH; Reeve, BB; Gallagher, P; Bryson, CL; Yancy, WS. Initial validation of a self-report measure of the extent of and reasons for medication nonadherence. Medical Care. 2012;50:1013-1019.  Abstract
  • Wong, ES; Piette, JD; Liu, CF; Perkins, M; Maciejewski, ML; Jackson, GL; Blough, DK; Fihn, SD; Au, DH; Bryson, CL. Measures of adherence to oral hypoglycemic agents at the primary care clinic level: the role of risk adjustment. Medical Care. 2012;50:591-598.  Abstract
  • Bell, JF; Zimmerman, FJ; Arterburn, DE; Maciejewski, ML. Health-care expenditures of overweight and obese males and females in the medical expenditures panel survey by age cohort. Obesity. 2011;19:228-232.  Abstract
  • Burgess, JF; Maciejewski, ML; Bryson, CL; Chapko, M; Fortney, JC; Perkins, M; Sharp, ND; Liu, CF. Importance of health system context for evaluating utilization patterns across systems. Health Economics. 2011;20:239-251.  Abstract
  • Chew, RB; Bryson, CL; Au, DH; Maciejewski, ML; Bradley, KA. Are smoking and alcohol misuse associated with subsequent hospitalizations for ambulatory care sensitive conditions?. Journal of Behavioral Health Services and Research. 2011;38:3-15.  Abstract
  • Dowd, B; Maciejewski, ML; O'Connor, H; Riley, G; Geng, Y. Health plan enrollment and mortality in the Medicare program. Health Economics. 2011;20:645-659.  Abstract
  • Farley, JF; Wang, CC; Hansen, RA; Voils, CI; Maciejewski, ML. Continuity of antipsychotic medication management for Medicaid patients with schizophrenia. Psychiatric Services. 2011;62:747-752.  Abstract
  • Fortney, JC; Maciejewski, ML; Tripathi, SP; Deen, TL; Pyne, JM. A budget impact analysis of telemedicine-based collaborative care for depression. Medical Care. 2011;49:872-880.  Abstract
  • Harris, BD; Hanson, C; Christy, C; Adams, T; Banks, A; Willis, TS; Maciejewski, ML. Strict hand hygiene and other practices shortened stays and cut costs and mortality in a pediatric intensive care unit. Health Affairs. 2011;30:1751-1761.  Abstract
  • Kennedy, JJ; Maciejewski, M; Liu, D; Blodgett, E. Cost-related nonadherence in the Medicare program: the impact of Part D. Medical Care. 2011;49:522-526.  Abstract
  • Li, YF; Wong, ES; Sales, AE; Sharp, ND; Needleman, J; Maciejewski, ML; Lowy, E; Alt-White, AC; Liu, CF. Nurse staffing and patient care costs in acute inpatient nursing units. Medical Care. 2011;49:708-715.  Abstract
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  • Maciejewski, ML; Wang, V; Grabowski, DC; Lin, PJ. Early evidence on the quality of care provided by special needs plans. Medical Care. 2011;49:891-896.  Abstract
  • Maciejewski, ML; Weaver, EM; Hebert, PL. Synonyms in health services research methodology. Medical Care Research and Review. 2011;68:156-176.  Abstract
  • Roblin, DW; Maciejewski, ML. Repeat experience with the doughnut hole in Medicare Part D: when the doughnut hole becomes a tunnel. Medical Care. 2011;49:436-442.  Abstract
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