Duke Outpatient Clinic

The Duke Outpatient Clinic has a long and illustrious history as an ambulatory practice site for medicine residents and their patients. Today, the DOC resides in a community practice site in North Durham. Our providers see approximately 20,000 visits per year and 5,000 unique patients.

Teaching over the past two decades has evolved from “sign outs” in the hallways and preceptors often not general internal medicine doctors to significantly improved space and focused, skilled, nationally recognized general internal medicine faculty.

Residents and staff

The resident and staff experience has been greatly enhanced by the application of a firm-based Stead team model along with a novel redesign of the clinic based on principles of Lean Six Sigma.

The patient experience has benefited by addition of Duke Hospital support for pharmacy and social services and an innovative collaborative care model with experts in Medicine and Psychiatry.

The future holds plans for a new “intensive primary care” service for the medically complex and fragile patients, even home-based palliative and other care components.

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