Clinical services

Duke Palliative Care provides a variety of clinical services, with a focus on patients coping with cancer, end-stage renal disease, and heart failure. 

The Palliative Care Service consists of a dedicated team of trained professionals, including an attending physician, a nurse practitioner, a fellow, and a chaplain who provides spiritual counseling and support. Other clinicians, such as clinical pharmacists or physical therapists are consulted as necessary.

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Who Is Eligible?

Any adult patient with serious illness or difficult to manage symptoms is eligible to be seen by the consultation service.


Inpatient Palliative Care

  • Duke University Hospital
    • Adult Medical Oncology Service (N9300)
    • Adult Consultation Service
    • ​Pediatric Quality of Life Service
  • ​Duke Regional Hospital
    • Adult Consultation Service
  • Duke Raleigh Hospital
    • Adult Consultation Service

Outpatient Services

  • ​Duke University Hospital
    • Duke South, Clinic 2B2C
      • Appointments: 888.275.3853
      • Triage: 919.681.2232
    • Duke Cancer Center, Clinic 3-2
      • Appointments: 919.668.6688
      • Triage: 919.668.6608
  • Hospice care

We also provide clinical services involving:                                                                    

  • Pain and symptoms associated with serious illness
  • Difficult medical decisions
  • Nutritional problems caused by progressive illness
  • Communication with your family and heathcare team
  • Problems related to emotional and spiritual suffering
  • Needs related to post-hospital care

How to contact us

Duke Palliative Care: 919-668-7215