Duke Primary Care Research Consortium

The PCRC is a primary care practice-based research network for academic, community, Veteran's Affairs (VA), and managed-care practices within the Duke Health System and surrounding communities. PCRC includes more than 60 practices in 9 counties in North Carolina, which represents more than 200 primary-care clinicians caring for more than 350,000 patients, with access to a total population of 1.2 million. Since 1996, the PCRC has conducted over 100 studies enrolling more than 8000 participants.

Faculty Experts: 

Lynn Bowlby, MD, Alex Cho, MD, Rowena Dolor, MD, Lawrence Greenblatt, MD, Robert Renjel, MD, Kevin Shah, MD, William Yancy, MD.

Who We Are:​

Our mission and goals are to operate a community-based research network in order to

  • Perform studies that will improve health care delivery and patient outcomes. 
  • Provide educational opportunities for clinicians to maintain clinical skills and develop new skills in performing research. 
  • Support clinician participation in clinical research through a central administrative office and trained study coordinators
  • Generate research to support the practice of evidence-based medicine

What We Do:

The PCRC aids in site access across therapeutic areas for trials involving ambulatory patients with both chronic and acute disease.
Our model consists of a group of dedicated research coordinators and specialists trained by the network office which lives in the Duke Clinical Translational Science Institute (CTSI). 
PCRC Project Management ensures that study milestones are completed according to timelines. 
PCRC coordinates contract and financial services for all network practices. Use of this model ensures quality data collection, enhances allocation of site personnel, and protects sites from fiscal responsibility for a full-time study coordinator position.

What kinds of projects?

PCRC welcomes inquiries from any researchers interested in collaborating on primary care research topics and is interested in the entire scope of primary care research, particularly that which engages practicing clinicians in the research process. 

What is the process?

Investigators interested in exploring collaboration with PCRC are encouraged to contact the PCRC Research Advisory Board at the earliest possible time in the research process. The best time to contact PCRC is during formulation of the research question. The worst time to contact PCRC is a few weeks before a grant is due. An Application Form for PCRC Study Review is available on the Duke Primary Care Intranet or by contacting any of the PCRC personnel (listed below).

The Board will review a study proposal and provide feedback regarding likely interest among primary care providers, feasibility and funding requirements. 

Interest: Is the topic relevant to primary care practice? Will the research results improve health care delivery and patient outcomes?
Feasibility: Can the project be carried out with minimal or no disruption of clinic flow? 
Funding: Is there adequate funding to ensure the completion of all PCRC-related research activities? 

How To Reach Us:​

Submit an online application to the Research Advisory Board
Request a consultation with the Research Advisory Board Chair, Ranee Chatterjee

Who To Contact:

Name Position Email
Rowena Dolor, MD, MHS Director rowena.dolor@duke.edu
Ranee Chatterjee, MD, MPH Accociate Director ranee.chatterjee@duke.edu

Resources for Researchers & Providers

All About the PCRC:

Info for Clinicians and Providers:

Guide for Researchers:

PCRC RAB Study Submission Guidelines

For even further information, please visit the Duke Primary Care Intranet (Duke NetID Required)