John Perfect
Principal Investigator
James B. Duke Distinguished Professor of Medicine
Professor of Medicine
Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases
Professor in Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
Contact Information

Division of Infectious Diseases
Duke Box 102359
Durham, NC 27710

Phone: 919-684-6854


The Program Project Grant: Transdisciplinary Program to Identify Novel Antifungal Targets and Inhibitors is lead by Principal Investigator John Perfect, MD, James B. Duke Professor of Medicine and Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases. This grant has three projects and three cores.

Project 1:

PI: Joe Heitman, MD

Project 2:

PI: Lorena Beese, MD and Andrew Alspaugh, MD

Project 3:

PI: Richard Brennan, MD

Core A:

PI: Maria Schumacher, MD

Core B:

PI: Bill Steinbach, MD

Core C: Administrative Core 

PI: John Perfect, Administrator: Christy Dixon

Program Advisory Committee

Ken Bartizal, PhD (Cidara)

Gerry Wright, PhD (McMasters University)

Damian Krysan, MD (University of Rochester)

Tim Haystead, PhD (Duke)

Dewey McCafferty, PhD (Duke)

Emily Derbyshire, PhD (Duke)