Medicine Grand Rounds FAQ

Medicine Grand Rounds (MGR) is a weekly seminar series to support the academic environment of the Duke Department of Medicine. Topics and speakers are selected to provide faculty and trainees with up-to-date knowledge about timely issues in internal medicine. MGR occurs every Friday at noon.

Presenter details
Faculty presenters and invited speakers to Medicine Grand Rounds are asked to complete and submit the MGR Details Form.

Who attends MGR?
Faculty, house staff, and medical students are welcome to attend and/or virtually watch MGR. (Guests, non-medical professionals, and industry representatives sometimes also attend.) Please keep your audience in mind. Aim to present what someone needs to know to pass the boards and to take care of a patient. You should limit the presentation of basic science data, if it lacks significant relevance to the clinical topic.

What is the time limit for MGR presentations?
Please limit your prepared presentation to 45 minutes (40-45 minutes if by Zoom) to allow for questions and discussion.

Is MGR live streamed and recorded?
Yes, Medicine Grand Rounds currently offered virtually on Zoom and most times a recording is available for viewing later. Viewers must log in with an authenticated Duke Net ID and password.

Need help finding a resident or fellow to present a clinical case?
Contact chief resident, Dennis Narcisse. Please remember to circle back to the clinical case at the end of your talk.

I would like to bring a patient to my presentation. What do I need to do?
If you are bringing a patient, please notify the chief resident. Your patient will need to sign a consent form to participate in the presentation, video recording and live stream. The communications team will provide the consent form the morning of your presentation.

Do I need to send my presentation to the chief resident in advance for PHI review? 
Yes, please send your presentation to the chief resident at least two days in advance for PHI review.

When Medicine Grand Rounds is held in DUH 2002...

What equipment do I need for my presentation?
All of the set up for your presentation and the online streaming will be done for you. You will be given a microphone to wear for the recording. There will be a microphone at the lectern for the audience in the room. Let the chief resident know if you have any special technical needs, such as video. We will provide a laser pointer for your presentation slides.

Can I bring my own laptop?
Yes, and if you’d like to use PowerPoint presenter mode you will need to use a laptop. Please work with the chief resident in advance to coordinate technology needs.

When Medicine Grand Rounds is held as a Zoom webinar...

Check out these tips for looking your best on Zoom.

Follow one of these step-by-step tutorials on recording lectures from your own devices:

For Macs: On the newest Macs with MacOS 10.14 Mojave, use the keyboard shortcut Shift+⌘+5 and all the controls for capturing video and still images from your desktop will appear.
For PCs: Use Zoom to record a talk:


  • Use a microphone if you can; iPhone headphones have a microphone and work well.
  • Always do a short test recording, then watch it to confirm it captured your screen and your voice.
  • Note, if you are recording on pptx and have an embedded video, double check that it transfers over when you save it as a Mp4.
  • When you have a recording of your talk, please upload the video file to Box and give Brittany Young permission to download it (owner or editor permission).
  • Contact Brittany at, if you need assistance.

Who can I contact with additional questions?
Dennis Narcisse, chief resident at the Durham VA Medical Center, or Brittany Vekstein, program coordinator.