Residency News

Internal Medicine Residency News, January 23, 2023

From the Director

Last week of recruitment! Ongoing thanks to everyone for their participation, from evening zooms to specialty group events to My Takes to emailing and talking with applicants regarding special interests or questions about Durham.  It’s a true team effort and we appreciate you!

Internal Medicine Residency News, January 17, 2023

From the Director

Mid-January! Including today, we have 4 more recruitment days.  WOW! 

Thanks Chief Lonnie for organizing basketball practice this weekend! Gotta get our game on for facing UNC.


Internal Medicine Residency News, January 9, 2023

From the Director

Thank you to everyone for getting your schedule request forms in for 2023-24.  We are sorting through everything now in preparation for schedule building once recruitment is over at the end of January!


Internal Medicine Residency News, December 19th, 2022

From the Director

Here we go with the last Med Res News of 2022! Thank you all for a fantastic first half of the year.  I hope you all have a wonderful holiday break with loved ones.  Things will be quiet around the med res office but there is always a chief on call and I will be on gen med in the week crossing both blocks, so please reach out if you need anything!   Many thanks to Liz Kobe and resco for planning a great secret santa gift exchange!

Internal Medicine Residency News, November 07, 2022

 From the Director

Saturday with the extra hour. 

We are closing in on all things November, which includes the Turkey Bowl! Looking forward to some great friendly competition coming up in just a few weeks.  There have been a flurry of IM Res presentations at national meetings recently – please don’t forget to send in the title and authors of your presentations to Bridget!