Anmol Singh, MD

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Cary, NC

Where did you attend college/university? 
Drexel University

Where did you attend medical school? 
Drexel University College of Medicine

What are your career goals? 

What did you do the summer before internship? 
The summer before internship, I went to Peru and South Africa with my family. I also spent a week in Costa Rica with some college/medical school friends. 

Duke, despite it being a clinical and research power house, really puts the patient ahead of everything else, which honestly, is the most important part of any residency program!

Reflections on the Duke Program

What were you looking for in a residency program? 
One of the reasons I pursued medicine was its emphasis on the importance of a team. While on the interview trail, I learned that most programs can provide a strong foundation in internal medicine - but, who would I enjoy spending my work days with? I really wanted a program where I could not only challenge myself cognitively, but also have a great time with the people I spend time with - I felt that immediately at Duke.

What are the strengths of the Duke program? 
Duke has some of the most clinically sound and innovative minds in the country. With that said, you would not necessarily notice that firsthand because of the humility and kindness of everyone who works here. Everyone from the CNAs, attendings, nurses, case managers, love to teach residents and make the most of our experience here. That kind of culture is not present everywhere, and for me, was the major selling point. 

What are your observations about the relationships between faculty and house staff? 
Attendings here, as I said, are some of the most intelligent people that I know. Regardless, they make sure that you make the most of your residency experience. They will find time to teach you, give you constructive feedback at the end of each rotation, and again, make that team structure an integral part of your day. 

Tell us about your co-interns. How long did it take to connect?
Our co-interns already had an extremely active group chat before orientation started. We had already hung out and still do all the time! Knowing that Duke brings in a lot of intelligent people every year, I was a little nervous about how social our class would be. Now I realize, if anything, they are the ones that make me hang out outside the hospital! I love each and every one of them!

What has surprised you most about Duke? 
I knew that the residents here would be incredible - but I can't say this enough times. I am so surprised by everyone's humility here, not only the residents. Medicine in itself is an extremely humbling profession, but you don't necessarily feel that culture everywhere. Duke, despite it being a clinical and research power house, really puts the patient ahead of everything else, which honestly, is the most important part of any residency program!

About Duke University and Durham

What's best about living in Durham and the Triangle? 
For me, it is being close to my family again! I spent the last seven years in Philadelphia (which I love dearly!) but Durham has been the easiest transition. There are tons of young people and everything is so close. I really enjoy the Farmer's Market when I can make it out there and trying to find a trivia night that I'm not bad at with my co-interns!

How does the Triangle appeal to people of diverse backgrounds? 
Growing up here, I have seen the Triangle grow tremendously in bringing in diverse people. Having the RTP so close by, there are so many people from different backgrounds that are drawn here. And, since the RTP really is pretty small, you do get to interact with a lot of these people on a day to day basis! 

Where did you choose to live, and why? 
I chose to live in Hope Valley Farms which is a great place if you don't want to live right next door to the hospital. It is 10 minutes from...everything. Downtown, the hospital, Chapel Hill, etc. It's not the place to live if you like living in a downtown area, but it's not too far away if you ever need a break from suburbia!

Based on your life, what advice would you give about moving to Durham? 
Moving to Durham for me has been an adjustment coming from Philadelphia. While its downtown is not comparable to a downtown of a larger city, it still has a lot more than your average suburb. New restaurants are popping out all the time! And coming from Philadelphia, what I like to call the food capital of the US (move over NY!), I have not been disappointed at all with the variety of places to eat here!

What do you like to do outside of medicine? 
I love to travel! While I have not had a chance to do that in residency yet, I look forward to going to Asheville and the beaches here - so close and easily a quick weekend trip!