David Schlientz, MD

Advanced Training Program
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About Me

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Education and Training

University of Virginia

Medical School
University of Virginia

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Career Goals

Improve my skills as a physician to the highest achievable level, improve my ability to care for the elderly, improve prescribing and record-keeping in the care of elderly patients, investigate new therapies/techniques in the delivery and documentation of care for the elderly.

About the Program

Why are you interested in a career in Geriatrics?
Geriatrics is a specialization of general medicine which, in addition to demographic-specific diseases, also incorporates a philosophy of care that I feel is absent from many of the other medical disciplines.  Specifically, it seeks to identify the needs of the whole patient and integrate their functional status and their personal goals prior to developing a final plan of care.  We have the opportunity to care for patients in geriatrics who have lived rich lives, and to help them maintain integrity and self-determination in terms of their care.  This is immensely appealing to me and is a large reason for why I have chosen geriatrics.  

What are the strengths of the Duke Geriatrics Program?
The Duke Geriatrics Program brings faculty and resources to bear which cannot be found elsewhere: the opportunities you have for research and development in your career bridge opportunities found both at Duke proper and the VA in Durham, which has the potential to connect you to any of the VAs across the country through the GRECC system.  This is a wealth of opportunity that cannot be overlooked for anybody considering a career in Geriatrics.  Duke is a nationally-recognized leader in Geriatric Medicine, and as a fellow you have the opportunity to rotate through the various models of care that Geriatrics offers to understand this first-hand.