Dr Angela Lowenstern, MD

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Education and Training

Interventional Cardiology Fellowship
Duke University

Advanced Training in Cardiology Fellowship
Duke University

Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship
Duke University

Duke University

Medical School
University of Michigan

University of Michigan

Fellow Perspective

Tell us briefly about your background before fellowship?
I’m originally from Michigan and completed undergrad and medical school at the University of Michigan (Go Blue!). I moved to North Carolina for residency at Duke and was fortunate to be able to stay for fellowship.

What are your career plans in cardiology?
After completing two years of clinical research time at the DCRI, I’ll complete advanced fellowship training in interventional cardiology and structural heart disease.

Why did you choose Duke for your fellowship training?
I believe that Duke is in the unique position of having both extremely strong clinical and research training available for fellows. I knew I wanted to have excellent clinical training and the availability to spend two years of dedicated time at an institution like the DCRI is really unparalleled elsewhere.

What advice might you offer residents looking at fellowship programs?
For most people, this is the last step in the training process. When making your decisions, take a good look at the different programs available and make sure they offer all the aspects of training you’re looking for.

From your experience in fellowship, what have you learned about training at Duke?
Duke is a great place for fellowship training. I am continuously amazed at the attendings and co-fellows that I get the privilege to work with every day.

How is your life in the Triangle area outside of work?
Life in Durham is wonderful! We bought a house in south Durham after I completed residency and enjoy time outside with our dog and new baby. Durham is family friendly but also has an abundance of restaurants and activities.


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