Jeff Dixson, MD

Start Year

Education and Training

Duke University

Medical School
Harvard Medical School

University of California, San Francisco

Adult Non-Pulmonary Critical Care Fellowship (2020-2021)
Duke University

Career and Research Goals

I am interested to apply my cardiovascular training in the developing world, specifically in Sub-Saharan Africa, by building robust local training programs. My research interests include medical education and clinical outcomes in resource limited settings.

Tell us briefly about your background before fellowship.
Before coming to medical training, I worked as a whitewater kayaking guide in Idaho, as a wilderness therapy instructor in Utah, and in international development in northern Uganda and South Sudan.  Most proximally, following residency I was an academic hospitalist in Rwanda.  

What are your career plans in cardiology?
I am training in cardiology and critical care and am most interested to apply this in Sub-Saharan Africa by building local training programs. My priority in training is to build a depth and breath of clinical skills, but my scholarly interests include medical education and clinical outcomes in resource limited settings.

Why did you choose Duke for your fellowship training?
Durham was affordable and Duke offered superlative clinical training and global health opportunities and mentorship.

What advice might you offer residents looking at fellowship programs?
Be less concerned with the prestige of the program and more attentive to the fit for your personal and career goals.

From your experience in fellowship, what have you learned about training at Duke?
Duke is populated by highly successful academic clinicians who are simultaneously accessible and intently focused on helping you achieve your career goals.  Fellow housestaff and fellows are similarly highly motivated and also enjoyable colleagues and friends.

How is your life in the Triangle area outside of work?
Coming from the mountain west, I remain a bit of a mountain and river snob, but have a growing appreciation for the beauty and outdoor opportunities in Appalachia.  We have 2 young children as well as international students living with us and appreciate the variety (and affordability) of things to do in the Triangle.  It is a fabulous place to live and work and punches well-above its weight in terms of "culture".