Kathryn O'Donnell, MD

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Education and Training

Duke University 

Medical School
Duke University 

Duke University

Career and Research Goals

I am interested in clinical endocrinology, and I am excited to explore different sub-fields of endocrinology during my fellowship. I am also very interested in QI and hope to make improving care delivery a part of my career as well.

What are the strengths of the Duke program?

My first year of fellowship will be my 14th year at Duke. I have loved living in the Triangle more than anywhere else I have ever lived, because I feel it has most of the benefits of living in a larger city (great food, plenty to do, easy access to everything) without most of the drawbacks (the cost of living here is amazing, there is barely any traffic, fantastic weather, etc). With regard to the Duke Endocrinology Fellowship, I chose this program for several reasons. First and most importantly the people in our department are outstanding; aside from being extremely gifted clinicians and scientists, they are kind, excited to teach, and a overall a joy to be around. Second, I liked that the program had more structure during the first year and more flexibility during the second year. As someone who isn't yet sure what direction I want my career to go, I will benefit from getting a lot of exposure during the first year and then being able to customize my second year to fit my interests. Third, the sub-specialties offered here were the most diverse of anywhere I interviewed. I am very happy with my decision to continue training at Duke!