Lashondra Arnold, MD

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Atlanta, GA

Where did you attend college/university?
Georgia State University

Where did you attend medical school?
Morehouse School of Medicine

What other degrees do you hold and from what institutions?
Masters of Science from Georgia State University

What are your career goals?
I plan to open a clinic that caters to working adults who have to choose providing for their family versus taking care of their health. Clinic sessions will be once per week after hours during the week day alternating every other week on Saturday mornings.

What did you do the summer before intern year?
I went to Accra Ghana to meet my future in-laws!

"I was looking for program that was challenging yet supportive and Duke was the perfect fit!​"

-LaShondra Arnold

Reflections on the Duke Program

What were you looking for in a residency program?
I was looking for program that was challenging yet supportive and Duke was the perfect fit!

What are the strengths of the Duke Program?
1. Challenging 2. Supportive/ comradery 3. Early exposure to sub specialties

What has surprised you most about Duke?
The great support and encouragement all around from upper levels. Attendings, and house staff all work together very well and it is something I am really happy to be a part of.

About Duke University and Durham

What is the best thing about living in Durham and the Triangle?
The short commute to work and great food!

How does the Triangle appeal to people of diverse backgrounds?
The different ethnic food options was a pleasant surprise for me.

Where did you choose to live and why?
I chose to live in the Durham area about 15 minutes from the hospital. This location provides a balance between my commute to work as well as a short commute to the airport. I have been able to take quick weekend trips to Atlanta to see my family.

What advice would you give to someone looking to move to Durham? 
Start looking for a place as soon as possible. Apartments closer to the hospital often times have waiting list.

What are your interests outside of medicine?
I love to travel to other countries and learn about different cultures. At the same time I’m pretty simple and love to go see a new movie, specifically action and thrillers, out in theaters.