Lucia Cotten, MD

Start Year

Fellowship Track: Clinical

Graduation Year: 2023

Originally from: Newnan, GA/Brentwood, TN

Education and Training:

Undergraduate: University of Georgia
Medical School: Medical College of Georgia
Residency: Emory University

Reasons I chose Duke:

I am interested in medical education. Duke has ample opportunities not limited to Duke AHEAD, scholarship week, direct teaching of residents/students, and case conferences with real time feedback to build excellent teaching skills.
The structure of the fellowship is amenable to work-life balance. In addition to being a physician, I am a wife and a mother. The schedule at Duke makes it so I can dedicate myself fully to all three roles without sacrificing my ability to excel in the others.
People who come here choose to stay! When I was interviewing, I realized that means than anything else about a program.

Happy surprises:

There is NO TRAFFIC, and it is so easy to park anywhere!
Coming from a big city, the housing is so cheap here. I can easily afford to rent a decent-sized house for my husband and son and myself, and my son finally has a huge backyard in which to play.
The culture here is so incredible. From interview day, to match day, to orientation, to the first days on endocrinology consults, I felt so much welcoming and belonging from these awesome colleagues.