Nathaniel Harris, MD, PhD

Start Year


Morehead City, NC

NC State

Medical School
Duke University School of Medicine

Duke University Hospital

What additional degrees do you have and from what institution?
PhD in Political Science - Duke University

What are your career goals?
Clinician educator

Reflections on the Duke Rheumatology and Immunology Fellowship

What were you looking for in a fellowship program? 
A friendly, supportive training environment, exposure to all rheumatic diseases, including severe inpatient illnesses, and support for a future career as a clinician educator.

What are the strengths of the Duke Rheumatology program? 
Duke had the strongest commitment to helping me continue to build a foundation to become a clinician educator, with excellent early and mid-career role models. Duke offers substantial clinical depth and breadth, with exposure to virtually all rheumatic diseases. The Duke inpatient service provides plenty of exposure to help you feel comfortable with acute, severe disease. Your outpatient clinics provide a great mix of complex disease that you carry over from the hospital, as well as bread-and-butter outpatient rheumatology, especially at the VA. Finally, there are a number of clinical research projects lead by fantastic mentors that will allow me to be academically productive. 

What are your observations about the relationships between faculty and fellows? 
Overall, there is a sense of mutual respect, and I have felt very well-supported during the transition from resident to fellow. Teaching has been collegial and interactive. The program is very clear that while we are new to rheumatology, we are board-eligible internists and should expect to be treated as such.

About Life in Durham

What's best about living in Durham and the Triangle? 
My wife and I have lived in the Triangle since 2002 and in Durham since 2009. It is a geographically convenient location that has terrific weather, and a great mix of activities. The cost of living has increased but is still reasonable. The weather is great, especially if you’re a fan of mild winters. We are 2-3 hours from beaches and mountains making for great weekend trips. And there is a great mix of restaurants, outdoor breweries, shows/concerts, and other activities.

Where did you choose to live, and why? 
I live in American Village, an established suburban neighborhood in Durham. It’s about 8 minutes to the Hospital, allows us to have some outdoor space for our dog and entertaining, and is just a super friendly neighborhood.

What do you like to do outside of medicine? 
While COVID has limited things for everyone, we love enjoying a good meal, and there are multiple breweries have great outdoor spaces that can be enjoyed nearly year-round. I also enjoy running and walking in the Duke Forest and at other parks in the area.