Nicole Jawitz, MD

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Where is your hometown?

Champaign, Illinois

Education and Training

College/University: Washington University in St. Louis

Medical School: Yale University School of Medicine

Residency: Duke University

Honors and Awards

  • 2020 Fellow Debate Winner, North Carolina Society of Gastroenterology Annual Meeting

Fellow Perspective


Tell us briefly about your background before embarking on your medical training:

Even though no one in my family has any connection with the healthcare field, I always wanted to be a physician. I studied biochemistry in college, and during that time volunteered in the local ED and in the PACU as a patient transporter. After graduation, I worked in a Drosophila neurobiology lab while applying to medical school. Early on I realized I

Please outline your career plans in gastroenterology (If you know it at this point in your training):

I plan to specialize in caring for patients with inflammatory bowel diseases.

What were you looking for in a fellowship program?

I was looking for a well-rounded, supportive fellowship program with exceptional clinical training, high endoscopic volume, and broad exposure to all areas of within GI.

What advice might you offer residents looking at fellowship programs?

Know what most important to you when evaluating different fellowships. It might be the research opportunities and funding, the amount of clinical exposure you get in a particular area within GI, or even location or proximity to family. Be able to identify the one or two most important things to you and be honest with yourself about what those things are!

From your experience in fellowship, what have you learned about training at Duke?

My colleagues are some of the smartest, hard-working and most accomplished, yet humble people I have ever met. Our attendings are incredibly approachable and fabulous teachers. I genuinely love coming to work every day, in large part because of all the fantastic people here at Duke. We have so much fun together!

How is your life in the Triangle area outside of work?

We love it here! The people are super friendly, the warm weather is lovely (I definitely don’t miss shoveling out my car in the winter), and there are plenty of outdoorsy things to do -- walking through the Duke Gardens or along the American Tobacco Trail, or even just sitting outdoors with friends (and their dogs) enjoying the sunshine with a nice local beer. It’s also a super affordable, family-friendly place to live!

What is your favorite restaurant in Durham?


Tell us about some of your hobbies and interests outside of work:

Arts and crafts with my two-year-old daughter, swimming, spending time outdoors with friends

Professional social media sites you would like to share:

Twitter: @ngjawitz


Jawitz, Nicole G., Ziad F. Gellad, Li Lin, Richard K. Wood, and David A. Leiman. “Patient, Physician, and Procedure Characteristics Are Independently Predictive of Polyp Detection Rates in Clinical Practice.” Dig Dis Sci 66, no. 8 (August 2021): 2570–77.

Full Text

Leiman, David A., Nicole G. Jawitz, Li Lin, Richard K. Wood, and Ziad F. Gellad. “Terminal ileum intubation is not associated with colonoscopy quality measures.” J Gastroenterol Hepatol 35, no. 9 (September 2020): 1503–8.

Full Text

Jawitz, Oliver K., Nicole G Jawitz, David D. Yuh, and Pramod Bonde. “Impact of ABO compatibility on outcomes after heart transplantation in a national cohort during the past decade.” The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery 146, no. 5 (November 2013): 1239–45.

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