Ujjwala Bhagavatula, MD

Start Year

Education and Training

University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC

Medical School
Jagiellonian University Medical College, Krakow PL

St. Elizabeth's Medical Center, Boston MA

Career and Research Goals

I am interested in nursing home care as well as interdisciplinary care of elderly patients. My research focuses on transitions of care, mainly from hospital to nursing home, and from nursing home to independent living, with an aim in maintaining individual independence. I am also interested in preventative therapies to reduce the risk of delirium in the inpatient setting. Other interest includes fall and fracture prevention.

Honors, awards and distinctions

  • First prize research award in residency for Best Outpatient Quality Improvement Project: Improving fall risk assessment in elderly patients in the outpatient setting
  • First prize research award at the Ohio Medical Directors Association (OMDA) Conference: Impact of inpatient geriatric medicine consultation on patient outcomes

What are the strengths of the Duke program?

At the end of my interviews, the Duke geriatric medicine program really made a lasting impression on me. The geriatrics division is well established, well equipped, and well respected. They are at the forefront of new innovations in elderly care. A one year fellowship goes by fast, and I feel that Duke makes the best of such a short time with an amazing curriculum. I feel that I will get the all rounded training I need to go out into the world and provide the best care possible as a geriatrician. The program leaders truly care about the personal growth of each individual fellow as well, which makes for a really amazing fellowship year.