Christopher Wildrick Woods, MD

Professor of Medicine
Associate Director of Duke Center for Applied Genomics and Precision Medicine
Research Professor of Global Health
Professor in Pathology
Campus mail 310 Trent Drive, Duke Box #90519, Durham, NC 27708
Phone (919) 668-7174
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1. Emerging Infections
2. Global Health
3. Epidemiology of infectious diseases
4. Clinical microbiology and diagnostics
5. Bioterrorism Preparedness
6. Surveillance for communicable diseases
7. Antimicrobial resistance

Education and Training

  • Fellow in Infectious Diseases, Medicine, Duke University, 2001 - 2002
  • Fellow in Infectious Diseases, Medicine, Duke University, 1999 - 2000
  • Medical Resident, Medicine, Duke University, 1994 - 1997
  • M.D., Duke University, 1994


Nicholson, Bradly, Raphael Belais, Aleah Bowie, Chelsea McMullen, Patrick Mukadi, Nicole Hoff, Reena Doshi, et al. “INDEX-CLUSTER STUDY OF INTERSPECIES DISEASE TRANSMISSION AT LOLA YA BONOBO SANCTUARY, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO.” In American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 99:220–220. AMER SOC TROP MED & HYGIENE, 2018.


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Peterson, Lance R., Christopher W. Woods, Thomas E. Davis, Zi-Xuam Wang, Stephen A. Young, John C. Osiecki, Michael A. Lewinski, and Oliver Liesenfeld. “Performance of the cobas MRSA/SA Test for Simultaneous Detection of Methicillin-Susceptible and Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus From Nasal Swabs.” Am J Clin Pathol 148, no. 2 (August 1, 2017): 119–27.

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Pericàs, J. M., J. A. Messina, C. Garcia-de-la-Mària, L. Park, B. K. Sharma-Kuinkel, F. Marco, D. Wray, et al. “Influence of vancomycin minimum inhibitory concentration on the outcome of methicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus left-sided infective endocarditis treated with antistaphylococcal β-lactam antibiotics: a prospective cohort study by the International Collaboration on Endocarditis.” Clin Microbiol Infect 23, no. 8 (August 2017): 544–49.

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Ericson, M., N. Balakrishnan, B. R. Mozayeni, C. W. Woods, J. Dencklau, S. Kelly, and E. B. Breitschwerdt. “Culture, PCR, DNA sequencing, and second harmonic generation (SHG) visualization of Bartonella henselae from a surgically excised human femoral head.” Clin Rheumatol 36, no. 7 (July 2017): 1669–75.

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Tillekeratne, L Gayani, Champica K. Bodinayake, Thushani Dabrera, Ajith Nagahawatte, Wasantha Kodikara Arachchi, Anoji Sooriyaarachchi, Kearsley Stewart, Melissa Watt, Truls Østbye, and Christopher W. Woods. “Antibiotic overuse for acute respiratory tract infections in Sri Lanka: a qualitative study of outpatients and their physicians.” Bmc Family Practice 18, no. 1 (March 16, 2017): 37.

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Wang, Liuyang, Emily R. Ko, James J. Gilchrist, Kelly J. Pittman, Anna Rautanen, Matti Pirinen, J Will Thompson, et al. “Human genetic and metabolite variation reveals that methylthioadenosine is a prognostic biomarker and an inflammatory regulator in sepsis.” Science Advances 3, no. 3 (March 8, 2017): e1602096.

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