Kevin Lindsey Thomas, MD

Associate Professor of Medicine
Member in the Duke Clinical Research Institute
Campus mail Dept of Medicine, Durham, NC 27710
Phone (919) 668-2688
Email address
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Education and Training

  • Fellow in Cardiology, Medicine, Duke University, 2004 - 2007
  • Chief Resident in Medicine (DUMC), Medicine, Duke University, 2003 - 2004
  • Fellow in Cardiology, Medicine, Duke University, 2002 - 2003
  • Resident in Medicine, Medicine, Duke University, 1999 - 2002
  • M.D., University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, 1999


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Thomas, Kevin L., and Eric J. Velazquez. “Therapies to prevent heart failure post-myocardial infarction.” Curr Heart Fail Rep 2, no. 4 (December 2005): 174–82.

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Thomas, Kevin L., Mark A. East, Eric J. Velazquez, Robert H. Tuttle, Linda K. Shaw, Christopher M. O’Connor, and Eric D. Peterson. “Outcomes by race and etiology of patients with left ventricular systolic dysfunction.” Am J Cardiol 96, no. 7 (October 1, 2005): 956–63.

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Thomas, K. L., M. East, R. Tuttle, L. Shaw, J. Battle, E. Peterson, and C. O’Connor. “Are racial differences in the long-term prognosis of systolic heart failure independent of differences in etiology?” In Journal of the American College of Cardiology, 39:191A-191A. ELSEVIER SCIENCE INC, 2002.


Thomas, K. L., I. Leduc, B. Olsen, C. E. Thomas, D. W. Cameron, and C. Elkins. “Cloning, overexpression, purification, and immunobiology of an 85-kilodalton outer membrane protein from Haemophilus ducreyi.” Infect Immun 69, no. 7 (July 2001): 4438–46.

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Elkins, C., K. Yi, B. Olsen, C. Thomas, K. Thomas, and S. Morse. “Development of a serological test for Haemophilus ducreyi for seroprevalence studies.” J Clin Microbiol 38, no. 4 (April 2000): 1520–26.

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Jensen, H., K. Thomas, and D. G. Sharp. “Inactivation of coxsackieviruses B3 and B5 in water by chlorine.” Applied and Environmental Microbiology 40, no. 3 (1980): 633–40.