Rebekah Ryanne Wu, MD

Associate Professor of Medicine
Member of Duke Center for Applied Genomics and Precision Medicine
Campus mail 304 Research Drive, Box 90141, Durham, NC 27708
Phone (919) 684-5479
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Dr. Wu is an internal medicine physician and health services researcher. Her main research interest is studying the implementation of precision medicine applications to improve clinical care. She is involved in projects currently looking at a patient-facing family history risk assessment tool, MeTree, which provides individualized risk stratification and clinical decision support recommendations to clinicians and patients. In addition she is also involved in a large scale sequencing program in Singapore looking at the intersection of family health history and genomics to better understand how these data elements can complement one another and create more precise risk predictions.  She is a member of NHGRI's IGNITE network as a co-investigator on a multi-site pragmatic clinical trial of the impact of pharmacogenetic testing on management of depression and acute, and chronic pain.  She is the implementation science advisor for the VA's Pharmacogenomic Testing for Veterans (PHASER) program, which is working to complete preemptive PGx testing on up to 250,000 Veterans by 2024.

Education and Training

  • Chief Resident, Internal Medicine, Georgetown University School of Medicine, 2009 - 2010
  • Resident, Internal Medicine, Georgetown University School of Medicine, 2006 - 2009
  • M.D., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, School of Medicine, 2006


Ryanne Wu, Rebekah, Peter A. Lindenberg, Rebecca Slack, Anne-Michelle Noone, John L. Marshall, and Aiwu R. He. “Evaluation of hypertension as a marker of bevacizumab efficacy.” J Gastrointest Cancer 40, no. 3–4 (2009): 101–8.

Full Text

Bylstra, Yasmin, Weng Khong Lim, Sylvia Kam, Koei Wan Tham, R Ryanne Wu, Jing Xian Teo, Sonia Davila, et al. “Family History Assessment Significantly Enhances Delivery of Precision Medicine in the Genomics Era,” n.d.

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