Richard D Lopez, MD

Associate Professor of Medicine
Campus mail Box 3961 Med Ctr, Durham, NC 27710
Phone (919) 668-1000
Email address

Education and Training

  • Resident, Medicine, Stanford University School of Medicine, 1990 - 1991
  • Intern, Medicine, Stanford University School of Medicine, 1989 - 1990
  • M.D., Stanford University, 1989


Lopez, R. D., S. Xu, B. Guo, R. S. Negrin, and E. K. Waller. “CD2-mediated IL-12-dependent signals render human gamma delta-T cells resistant to mitogen-induced apoptosis, permitting the large-scale ex vivo expansion of functionally distinct lymphocytes: implications for the development of adoptive immunotherapy strategies..” Blood 96, no. 12 (December 1, 2000): 3827–37.


Sun, Q., R. L. Burton, A. M. Ship, W. P. Vaughan, D. E. Salzman, R. Lopez, M. A. Carabasi, B. Pohlman, and K. G. Lucas. “Adoptive immunotherapy with allogeneic EBV CTL for organ transplant patients with ebv induced lymphoproliferative disease.” Blood 96, no. 11 PART II (December 1, 2000).


Sherman, M. A., V. H. Secor, S. K. Lee, R. D. Lopez, and M. A. Brown. “STAT6-independent production of IL-4 by mast cells..” Eur J Immunol 29, no. 4 (April 1999): 1235–42.<1235::AID-IMMU1235>3.0.CO;2-0.

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Lopez, R. D., N. Poloso, R. S. Negrin, S. Xu, and E. K. Waller. “Engagement of CD2/LFA-2 on activated human peripheral blood T cells results in an IL-12-dependent resistance to Activation-Induced Cell Death (AICD) in γδ T cells.” Faseb Journal 12, no. 5 (March 20, 1998).


Margulies, D. H., R. Lopez, L. F. Boyd, and J. McCluskey. “Engineering soluble major histocompatibility molecules: why and how..” Immunol Res 6, no. 1–2 (1987): 101–16.

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