2019 GIM Year in Review

Thursday, January 2, 2020

One of our favorite things every year is to look back and re-read some of our favorite news stories from the past year; those stories, pictures, and videos never disappoint.

Our faculty and staff spotlights, as well as our announcements of new faculty and staff members, are without a doubt some of our most-viewed stories. But 2019 was an exciting year for other Duke GIM news as well! Here are the top 10 news stories — those most clicked this year by our GIM eNews readers:

10. Shah joins department's clinical leadership team

Dr. Kevin Shah was appointed to serve as Medical Director for Primary Clinical Services in the Department of Medicine. 

9. GIM 2019 WCP recap + photo gallery 

Our annual GIM Wine + Cheese event is always a good time. Discussions, research posters, delicious food and drinks, and a photo gallery from the event! 

8. Chatterjee + Dolor in NEJM publication (June 2019)

Vitamin D supplementation for prevention of cancer: The D2d cancer outcomes (D2dCA) study

7. Excellence Award Recipients (October 2019)

At our annual GIM Wine + Cheese event, we recognized 27 members for their outstanding commitment to excellence in the division. 

6. Funding Awards (December 2019)

Bentley-Edwards, Davis, and Orlando were all recipients of research funding, totaling over $3.5 million. 

5. DGIM Promotions (November 2019)

Califano, Clifton, Pollack, and Yeatts were all promoted to Assistant Professor. 

4. Jolly Graham and O'Brien receive DIHI innovation awards (March 2019)

The Duke Institute for Health Innovation (DIHI) announced recipients of their 2019 Innovation Awards. Among the 10 recipients were 2 in DGIM. 

3. Sharma + Chung selected for leadership roles

2 GIM faculty were selected for leadership roles/course directorships in the Medical School. 

2. Boulware honored with a Distinguished Professorship (May 2019)

Our Chief was among nine faculty in the School of Medicine recognized with a distinguished professorship.

1. Our DGIM office is moving! (January 2019)

Our most clicked story of 2019! This year our DGIM offices moved from the NC Mutual Building to 200 Morris Street building. 

This certainly doesn’t cover every amazing thing that happened in Duke GIM during 2019, but it’s a taste. Did your favorite news story of 2019 make the list? What stories would you like to see covered in our eNews and website? Contact our GIM Communications Strategist, Clare Il’Giovine.