2020 GIM Year in Review

Friday, January 1, 2021

One of our favorite things every year is to look back and re-read some of our favorite news stories from the past year; those stories, pictures, and videos never disappoint.

Our faculty and staff spotlights, as well as our announcements of new faculty and staff members, are without a doubt some of our most-viewed stories. But 2020 was an exciting year for other Duke GIM news as well! Here are the top 10 news stories — those most clicked this year by our GIM eNews readers:

10. 2020 DGIM Excellence Awards (October 2020)

Announcing the 5th annual GIM Excellence Awards, presented Wednesday, October 28, 2020, by our Division Chief, Dr. Ebony Boulware. See who the 7 recipients were! 

9. Westman + Greenblatt "cover the triangle"

2 Duke GIM docs quickly mobilized large numbers of face masks to those most at risk in the triangle.

8. Shah advocates for eConsult initiative (June 2019)

DukeHealth story: Enabling Timely, Safe Telehealth During Pandemic

7. Hospitalists Recognized by NIH Director (September 2020)

Lead enroller in international COVID-19 trial 

6. Teaching Awards (June 2020)

Phelps, Wachter, and Bowman honored with end-of-year awards

5. Yeatts Named CMO (February 2020)

Dr. John Yeatts named Chief Medical Officer for Duke Population Health Management Office

4. Westman's Study Gains Much Attention (June 2020)

DukeHealth story: Inexpensive, Accessible Device Provides Visual Proof that Masks Block Droplets

3. Boulware's JAMA Commentary (August 2020)

Race Disparities in the COVID-19 Pandemic—Solutions Lie in Policy, Not Biology

2. COVID-19 Updates in Hospital Medicine (April 2020)

With the increase of COVID-19, Duke hospital medicine has made several updates to stay in front of the pandemic

1. Happy Retirement, Dr. Oddone!

Celebrating the 35+ year career of Dr. Eugene Oddone. See what his colleagues had to say about him! 

This certainly doesn’t cover every amazing thing that happened in Duke GIM during 2020, but it’s a taste. Did your favorite news story of the year make the list? What stories would you like to see covered in our eNews and website? Contact our GIM Communications Strategist, Clare Il’Giovine.