Bosworth Gives Workshops on Implementation and Dissemination in Singapore

Friday, July 24, 2015

Hayden Bosworth, PhD, recently traveled to Singapore, where he led five workshops on implementation and dissemination in Duke-NUS graduate medical school. Bosworth’s workshops, which were held from July 13 to 16, attracted more than 150 participants from local universities and hospitals, government health-care agencies,  and other institutions. The workshops provided an overview of conceptual frameworks, program evaluation, appropriate methods and programs designs, primary and secondary outcome measures, and disseminating results.

“It was really a treat having Dr. Bosworth here. I’d like to thank him again, both for the many workshops conducted, and for taking the time to take to talk to the constant flow of people wanting his advice,” said  Amina Mahmood Islam, senior associate director at the Duke NUS’s Program in Health Services & Systems Research.

Read more about Bosworth’s workshops on the Duke NUS website.