Bowlby accepted to IPE professional development program

Friday, December 18, 2020

A team of staff at the Duke Outpatient Clinic, led by Lynn Bowlby, MD, were accepted to the IPE Advanced Certificate Program, sponsored by Duke AHEAD and the Duke Health inter-professional Education and Care (IPEC) Center. According to their website, this year-long professional development program prepares health professions educators to develop, deploy, and evaluate inter-professional educational activities in the context of learning about, from, and with educators from other professions.

Dr. Bowlby explained that this program will help the Duke Outpatient Clinic in creating a curriculum for their many students, which includes medical, physical therapy, nursing, social work, and pharmacy.

"We will work collaboratively to create the curriculum, likely a combination of didactics and in person with the goal that the students work together now, as students, which will translate into working together as health care professionals."

Lynn Bowlby, MD - Duke Outpatient Clinic Medical Director

The certificate program will convene monthly beginning in January 2021. It will involve individual learning activities, interactive presentations, engagement with other participants in small group discussions, and peer mentoring. 

Congratulations to Dr. Bowlby and team!