Bowlby + team selected for CTSI funding award

Friday, March 3, 2017

Dr. Lynn Bowlby, DGIM Associate Professor, and her research team, have been selected for $134,000 of federal funding from the Duke Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI) for their project entitled, “Integration of Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy Care in the Patient Centered Medical Home”. The project will be a randomized clinical trial integrating a physical therapist into primary care for the evaluation and treatment of musculoskeletal complaints at the Duke Outpatient Clinic. The project has two aims:

  1. To determine the effectiveness of a physical therapist as an entry level provider compared with a primary care provider for musculoskeletal complaints in the primary care setting on the outcomes of total musculoskeletal charges and costs, opioid prescriptions, emergency department visits and patient satisfaction with care.
  2. To examine at the patient, provider, system and policy level barriers and facilitators to implementing new physical therapist-led care models.

The Duke CTSI Translational Acceleration Research Funding attracts very high-quality applications, and the reviewers felt that this proposal was a novel clinical and translational research proposal that has high potential for future funding and could have tremendous impact on healthcare delivery and management. 

The research team consists of Lynn Bowlby, MD, Adam Goode, DPT, PhD, Erik Carvahlo, DPT, Marissa Carvahlo, DPT and Daniel Dore, PT, MHA.
Congratulations team!