Duke Medicine LEADS - An Uncommon Cause of Syncope

June 8, 2021 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Duke Medicine LEADS
Sara Coles, MD; Micah Schub, MD; Ruchi Doshi, MD

The Duke Medicine Learning, Education, and Discussion Series (LEADS), together with Medicine Grand Rounds, will keep our knowledge current and our skills sharp while strengthening our commitment to being a values-driven, data-driven, and anti-racist department.

LEADS theme for the session is Diagnostic Reasoning and Discussions.

"An Uncommon Cause of Syncope"

Sara Coles, MD
Micah Schub, MD
Ruchi Doshi, MD

Panelist: Cristiana Chase, DO, David Leiman, MD, Michael Khouri

Duke Medicine LEADS sessions will take place in Zoom. Learn more: https://medicine.duke.edu/education-and-training/continuing-medical-educ...