Cameron Wolfe is Duke's Blue Devil of the Week

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Cameron Wolfe, MD, assistant professor of medicine (Infectious Diseases), is Duke Today's Blue Devil of the Week.

In an interview with Duke Today, Dr. Wolfe describes splitting his clinic time between seeing patients, many of whom have had organ transplants, and thinking about possible infections they could get, and seeing patients who are living with HIV.

"The really variable part of my job is to think about outbreaks or infectious issues that can impact the entire institution, including the university. That part of my job can go from being very quiet for months to quite chaotic," Wolfe said. "The most prominent one of those in the past few years was Ebola, but prior to that was MERS, a respiratory infection coming out of Saudi Arabia. H1N1 was a previous one. Zika would be another one. These are things that by their very nature are unpredictable when they turn up. Being part of the early planning is really interesting because you feel like you can make some differences."

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