Cancer care by Seewaldt, Vlahovic praised in sportswriter's tribute to wife

Friday, July 29, 2011

In Memories of the love of my life, senior writer Ed Hinton updates his chronicle of his wife's battle with breast cancer.

Snow Hinton died in June.

Among Hinton's remembrances of his wife's life and illness are mentions of two Duke oncologists and the special care they provided Snow.

Victoria Seewaldt, MD, professor of medicine (Medical Oncology):

Vicky Seewaldt and Snow Hinton had become friends, kindred spirits, almost sisters, in the past decade. Today, Vicky had cleared her entire afternoon's schedule for Snow.

Gordana Vlahovic, MD, MHS, assistant professor of medicine (Medical Oncology):

Enter Gordana Vlahovic, M.D., East European by birth and training, strong, compassionately candid, no-nonsense, just what Snow needed now, a tough woman to treat a tough woman in a tough situation.