Caputo leads VAcross the Street podcasts

Saturday, November 30, 2019

When Dr. Laura Caputo was appointed as the education lead for the Durham VA inpatient rotation, she was eager to come up with a way residents could learn on their own time, given their unpredictable schedules. "I thought that podcasts might be a good way to do that," says Caputo. She then organized and recruited colleagues to take part in this project. 

" I was so blown away by the number of people who were not only excited about this project, but really eager to contribute to it."

     - Laura Caputo, MD

Caputo, along with a group of VA hospitalists, then came up with a variety of topics they thought the residents would want to hear about. She collaborated with the Duke Department of Medicine Director of Communications, Anton Zuiker, and got to work on setting up and recording these educational podcasts. Zuiker was also able to obtain some funding which was a critical part to making this project happen. To date, there are now 42 different podcasts that fall in to one of three categories: 

  1. Clinical Pearls
  2. Team Dynamics 
  3. VA Administration

The recording durations are brief, generally 10-15 minutes, and are available on Soundcloud and iTunes.

Caputo hopes to be able to add more podcast topics in the future. If you have an idea for a future podcast, send a message to her via And, notice that the DGIM "Clinician Corner" page has a list of other popular podcasts for physicians.