Chief Innovation Officers surveyed by Schulman et al

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Kevin Schulman, MD, MBA, GIM Professor of Medicine, was senior author of a recent publication in Health Management Policy and Innovation (HMPI) entitled, "Leading Change – A National Survey of Chief Innovation Officers in Health Systems." Acknowledging that health policy is designed to transform healthcare delivery, the researchers set out to examine the innovation agenda as it happens with the role of a chief innovation officer.

We learned from the report that 32 of the 40 largest healthcare systems in the U.S. have a senior innovation officer and remarkably a median budget of $3.5 million. Details in this publication, a first of its kind, will no doubt serve as a benchmark for others. Readers will want to see the varied definitions of innovation, the position as a strategic one, the reporting relationships, and influence of local culture.

“Chief innovation officer roles have been established in many health systems to guide innovation efforts."

Click here to read the full article on HMPI. Health Management, Policy & Innovation is

Sneha P. Shah, MBA; Lauren McCourt, BA, BS; Kristina Jakobson, BA; Amy Saddington, BS; Kate Harvey, MBA; Kevin A. Schulman, MD. Leading Change—A National Survey of Chief Innovation Officers in Health Systems Health Management Policy and Innovation, Volume 3, Issue 1.