DGIM at Duke REDCap Day

Saturday, September 29, 2018

The Duke Office of Clinical Research (DOCR)  put together a first-ever Duke REDCap day on Wednesday, September 26.  REDCap, which stands for “Research Electronic Data Capture” is a remarkable research software application, practical for both research and for administrative tasks. Speakers came together from across Duke to show how they utilize REDCap and how the different features work. 

A primary user of this software in our division is our Program Director, Megan Churchill. Megan was invited to present at the session given her expertise, and in utilizing REDCap for uncommon reasons. Her presentation portrayed how DGIM uses REDCap as an employee record for DGIM Faculty and specifically, the features for survey branching and longitudinal reporting. 

"The automation, centralization, and tracking ability of the REDCap database has streamlined the DGIM faculty appointment process."

"The automation, centralization, and tracking ability of the REDCap database has streamlined the DGIM faculty appointment process," says Megan. "The ability to maintain all documentation pertaining to a Faculty Member in one secure location has drastically improved workflow."  Her hope is that with the new updates completed last week, the division will be able to further improve the functionality of the DGIM Faculty Database.

REDCap was created in 2004 at Vanderbilt University. Since the REDCap Consortium launched in 2006 partnerships have expanded to more than 3000 sites and 127 countries.