DGIM faculty assist in residency interview process

Thursday, March 1, 2018

A big THANK YOU to DGIM faculty members who assisted in the recent residency interview process. It is because of your time and dedication that we continue to find, recruit, and train such great trainees each year. 

Jon Bae

Nilima Mosaly

Joel Boggan

Katie Neal

Lynn Bowlby

John Paat

​Joseph Brogan

Nilesh Patel

​George Cheely

Eric Pollak

Alex Cho

Venu Reddy

Saumil Chudgar

Sharon Rubin

Dana Clifton

Pooh Setji

Jeff Clough

​Suchita Shah Sata

David Gallagher

Poonam Sharma

Brian Griffith

Alyson Shogan

Patrick Hemming

David Simel

Wendy Henderson

Stephen Telloni

Aubrey Jolly Graham

Jenny Van Kirk

Aparna Kamath

​John Yeatts

Joanna Kipnes

Dani Zipkin

This year residency match day will be Friday, March 16.