DGIM participates in #InventedAtDuke

Saturday, October 21, 2017

#InventedAtDuke and #ProudToBeGIM

Last week two from DGIM were invited guests amongst a crowd of over 300 alumni, faculty, staff, students and members of the local community, celebrating inventions, patents and startups at Duke. Held at the Washington Duke Inn, this first annual event sponsored by the Duke Office of Licensing and Ventures created opportunities to celebrate success with technology, translating products with a real impact on society.

Advances in information technology prompted Drs. Martha Adams (left) and Ryan Schulteis (right) to make their ideas a reality. Both have innovative solutions in health care and have newly founded companies. They are interested to see others in GIM take their next steps towards advancing innovations. Even the next annual meeting of our Society of General Internal Medicine 2018 has taken on the theme of "Health IT - empowering general internists to lead digital innovation".

Martha Adams' story began as an early adopter of mobile technology. She saw the opportunity to solve a gap in timely and efficient delivery of antibiotic stewardship, specific to Duke. The product is "CustomID".  The success is evident in its sustained use since 2003 within DUH and it's framework licensed and deployed to 30 hospitals in the Netherlands. Today she is the President and CEO of Custom Clinical Decision Support, Inc (CCDS).

Ryan Schulteis, former Duke Chief Resident and Durham VA Chief Health Informatics Officer (CHIO) is Founder and CEO of SV Analytics. His company specializes in the analysis of medical billing and healthcare claims data, using modern predictive & prescriptive analytics to minimize denied payments and optimize healthcare revenue in a data-driven way. Ryan's vision is to see providers appropriately reimbursed for the life-saving services they provide … so that they can continue providing them! 

Adams and Schulteis are working with the Duke Office of Licensing Ventures (OLV), who partners with faculty, industry, entrepreneurs and investors, to ensure that Duke innovations reach the marketplace for the benefit of society and to enable future investment in Duke research and innovation.

“Having laid the groundwork for success over 18 months here at Duke, we want other health systems to benefit from our transformative tech; we are excited to work with OLV to do just that.  Through OLV, Duke startups like ours can help reshape 21st century healthcare.”

- Dr. Ryan Schulteis