DGIM wins Duke GME High Value QI Competition

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

High value care is care that balances the clinical benefit with its cost and potential harms to achieve the goal of improving patient outcomes.

Focus on residents and delivery of primary care

The 2017 Duke GME High Value Care Quality Improvement Competition recently presented a $3000 award to DGIM for a new effort: “Improving the Value of Resident-Provided Primary Care through Population Health Tools: A Quality Improvement Project". Centered within the Duke Outpatient Clinic (DOC), this study serves as yet another example of innovation from the DOC and in graduate medical education.

The project leaders are Joel Boggan, MD, serving as the faculty Principal Investigator, and resident John Paul Shoup, MD. Their team will focus on formation of interdisciplinary “Pop Health Teams” derived from the current DOC “practice partnership” members. Those participating in each group include residents, a faculty member, and a nurse responsible for coordinating care for their panel. The team aims to improve the health of DOC patients while educating residents about population health management through practical implementation of care that provides evaluations with high yield, high value, as well as individualized and thoughtful. 

Other GIM faculty leaders:

  • Dr. Eric Poon, ​Chief Health Information Officer, will support the technological development of new dashboards.
  • Drs. Dani Zipkin and Joel Boggan, Associate Program Directors for Ambulatory Care and Quality Improvement, will cover resident education.
  • Drs. Lynn Bowlby, DOC Medical Director, and Dr. Kevin Shah, Medical Director for Duke Primary Care Innovation and Improvement, will guide implementation at the clinic