The DOC dismantles inequities starting with monthly exercises

Friday, February 19, 2021

The Duke Outpatient Clinic (DOC) developed an Equity Task Force during the summer of 2020 in an effort to dismantle racial inequity at the DOC and beyond. Their mission is to be anti-racist in patient care, clinical processes, administrative processes, and to demonstrate shared responsibility among all racial groups in addressing inequity.

“We want to create an environment of trust and respect through courage, honesty, and self-reflection,” says Daniella Zipkin, MD, founder of the DOC Equity Task Force.

The team came up with the idea of sending out monthly Equity Exercises as a way to get the entire clinic staff thinking about their own experiences of race and how it plays a role in their environment. The exercises are designed to pave the way towards an in-person experiential workshop for the whole clinic, once they are able to gather in-person again.

“These exercises are designed to help each of us reflect on our own experiences, learn about others’ experiences, and respond to material about racism,” says Zipkin.

Each month, the entire clinic staff receives a short email with that month’s exercise. They are asked to reflect on the exercise and write down any thoughts they have.

“I am so grateful to the many providers and staff at the DOC who have volunteered to work on this, and I hope the whole team finds it impactful” says Zipkin.