Dr. Syed guest hosts on The Curbsiders podcast

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Fatima Syed, MD, MSc, is a Consulting Associate in Duke GIM and works as an internist at the Pickett Road Clinic. Dr. Syed was recently featured as a co-host on the popular Internal Medicine podcast The Curbsiders. This was episode #166 - Advocacy and Hot Topics in Healthcare Policy and discussed a rundown of hot topics including coding and billing, the Affordable Care Act, universal healthcare, gender equity, women’s health, gun violence and more. 

Dr. Syed is no stranger to co-hosting this podcast. In fact, this was her fourth time. Click on a link below to one of her previous podcast episodes on The Curbsiders. 

Dr. Syed is also the author of a blog post featured on an Annals Fresh Look page, entitled, "Is Metformin Really a Wonder Drug?"

Want to learn more about Dr. Fatima Syed?  Watch the video below!

Dr. Syed has a background in public policy. Her areas of interest include diabetes, blogging, and health policy. She can be found on twitter @fzsyedmd.