Dr. Syed leads group diabetes class at Pickett Road Clinic

Sunday, February 16, 2020

GIM Assistant Professor of Medicine, Fatima Syed, MD, practicing at Duke Primary Care Pickett Road, has a desire to provide innovative care for her patients with diabetes. She started a monthly group diabetes class that's available to all patients with type 2 diabetes and an elevated hemoglobin A1C greater than 8. 

"We have a structured curriculum, but I also like to follow the lead of the group," says Syed. Her main goal is for patients to achieve better A1C targets. 

The group often discusses diet, one of the most challenging components of diabetes care.  Other popular topics include physiology about normal body functions and about medications and how meds work.

Dr. Syed hopes these classes will better inform her patients and their families. 

The class meets for an hour every second Friday of the month at 10 am. (Note: this coming March the class moves to the third Friday).

For more information, contact Pickett Road Clinic at (919) 490-9800.