Dr. Syed: writer and editor for Annals Fresh Look

Friday, November 8, 2019

Many of our faculty members partake in roles as editors or writers (or both) on various journals, blogs, etc. GIM Assistant Professor of Medicine, Fatima Syed, MD, MSc, is just one example. She is an editor and a writer for Annals Fresh Look, a blog that features perspectives and discourse among medical students and early career physicians. Annals Fresh Look was created back in 2017 when Dr. Syed was a second-year fellow in endocrinology at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. Learn more about the blog and how she got involved in our interview below!

What is Annals Fresh Look? 
Annals Fresh Look is a blog that accompanies Annals of Internal Medicine.  It's an opportunity for early (or any stage) career physicians to tell folks how articles in Annals have affected their practice, or to discuss thoughts using an Annals article as a springboard.

How did you get involved with this? 
I've been involved with ACP for some time and was writing for Philly Inquirer and Kevin MD.  Christine Laine, the editor-in-chief of Annals approached me to become an editor.  

"Clinical medicine is wonderful but it's nice to have an outlet to share thoughts.  Annals Fresh Look is that space."

- Fatima Syed, MD

How do you know Sarah and Josh (the co-editors)? 
I know Sarah and Josh through ACP and they have become close friends as well as colleagues.  We all served together on the Council of Resident and Fellow Members of ACP.  I was chair and Sarah was my vice-chair (she went on to become chair as well). Josh was working with Christine when we started the blog and even though we were all across the country, we worked on starting the blog together.

What does your role for Annals Fresh Look entail? 
Logistically, I have to write and edit.  When the spirit moves me from an Annals article I've read, new or old, I write a piece and send it to my co-editors for their thoughts.  I then edit the piece and if they approve, we send it to Christine for publication.  We also edit pieces so if a guest writer submits and we think their piece works well, we work with the writers to get their pieces ready for publication.  Two editors review each piece and final editing is done by Christine Laine.  We have a phone call Tuesday nights to discuss pieces but most of our work is done over email.

How can others contribute to the blog  ? 
You can contribute from the blog itself, or you can email me direct at Fatima.syed@duke.edu.  I've already been working with some of the residents and we are excited to have a resident publication coming soon!

Anything else you would like to share? 
Clinical medicine is wonderful but it's nice to have an outlet to share thoughts.  Annals Fresh Look is that space.

Dr. Syed has a background in public policy. Her areas of interest include diabetes, blogging, and health policy. She can be found on twitter @fzsyedmd.