DUH Hospitalist becomes co-editor of Annals blog

Sunday, November 15, 2020

DUH hospitalist Dr. Sonya Patel-Nguyen will be joining our own Dr.Fatima Syed as co-editor of Annals Fresh Looka blog sponsored by the journal Annals of Internal Medicine. The published content of this blog features reflections and relevance of Annals content to our professional lives. The authors are medical students, medical educators, and others interested in the training and experience of early career physicians. This past year the author page shows posts from two Duke IM residents: Callie Berkowitz, MD, and Vinay Choksi, MD.

Annals Fresh Look was introduced in 2017 as an initiative to feature perspectives and discourse among medical students and early career physicians. There's more here for insights about taking this path in the Annals publication.

Patel-Nguyen's bio from Annals tells us that “Dr. Patel-Nguyen trained in Internal Medicine & Pediatrics at UNC-Chapel Hill before beginning her career as a hospitalist at Duke University. Her clinical time is divided between inpatient adult and pediatric patients, as well as bedside procedures. She is also involved in medical education, with interests in bias training and expanding knowledge and best practices regarding health care equity. In addition to her work at Duke, Dr. Patel-Nguyen has interests in global health, having worked with refugee and immigrant populations in Greece, Jordan, Palestine, and Mexico.” 

Congrats, Dr. Patel-Nguyen!

I'm glad Sonya is joining on as blog editor.  Personally, she is very thoughtful in her approach and is wonderful to work with.  She is also a strong writer and editor with diverse interests that lend itself well to the mission of the Annals Blog.

Fatima Syed, MD
Duke General Internal Medicine and a co-editor of Annals Fresh Look