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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Three of the top-five finalists in the recent poster competition, sponsored by the Triangle Chapter of the Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM), were submissions from Duke Hospital Medicine. A common theme for these, and all the hospitalist submissions, was successful mentorship.

The top finalists and their mentors

Dr. Colby Feeney mentored two of the top-five finalists, one achieving "2nd runner-up" status. Dr. Cara O’Brien was the mentor of the third top-five finalist and judges awarded theirs as "1st runner-up".



1st runner-up: Cavalier JS, Goldstein B, O’Brien C, Zhao C, Bedoya A. A Modified Early Warning Score Predicts Decompensation in COVID-19 Patients.  

2nd runner-up: Zheng C, Prier K, and Feeney C. The Rare Connection: Severe atopic dermatitis and failure to thrive.

Also a top-5 finalist, mentored by Dr. Feeney: Trower AI and Feeney C. Kawasaki disease: an atypical response to the typical treatment.

 “It is so rewarding to work with enthusiastic learners. There is genuine excitement in sharing with others what we’ve learned from a patient case.”

                                 Colby Feeney, MD

Dr. Suchita Shah Sata notes network value

"As far as my role as Immediate Past-President of NC Triangle SHM chapter, I will say that I’m thankful to Duke Hospital Medicine for encouraging me to pursue this leadership and professional development opportunity as a junior faculty member. I would encourage all hospitalists to get more involved with this awesome network, similar to how great Duke GIM’s involvement has been with NC ACP (like Dr Sharon Rubin and Dr Noel Ivey). I’m proud to say that the current chapter leadership has many Duke connections: the President of the chapter is Dr Rob Lampman (currently at UNC, formerly at Duke Regional!), the President-Elect is Dr Meera Udayakumar (currently at Rex, formerly a Duke IM resident!), and the secretary of the chapter is PA Tara McNally at DRH."

In total, this regional chapter for SHM attracted 26 submissions for the challenge known as the "Research, Innovation and Clinical Vignette Competition". Opportunities at a regional level are a great encouragement to submit to SHM national competition and a local opportunity for academic pursuit. The overall winner receives automatic abstract acceptance to Hospital Medicine 2021 (the Society of Hospital Medicine annual meeting) and a $500 gift card.

More abstracts from Duke Hospital Medicine
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3 Categories
Zhao T, Pasha N, Sharma P Impact of COVID19 on an Inpatient Internal Medicine Rotation
VA submission by: Hayes LA, Krishnan G, Swaminathan RV, Rao SV, Simel DL, Boggan JC Limited fasting prior to cardiac catheterization did not significantly increase adverse events compared to prolonged fasting
Richardson D, Wachter A, Bhosai J, Cline R, Kamath A, McNally T, Sharma P, Verma L, Brooks M Interprofessional Use of an Inpatient Telehealth Platform During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Walter J, Acker Y, Ma J, Coop A, Gao M, Sendak M, Setji N Utilizing a Machine Learning Mortality Model to Implement Targeted Advance Care Planning and MultiDisciplinary Care Review
  Clinical Vignettes
Abbott M, Massad KM, Sata SS The Limited Role of Negative Cytology: Recurrent Pleural Effusion in a Hospitalized Patient
Lee GS, Feeney C, Hoffman K, Abercrombie M No Tengo Fuerza: A Lesson in Listening and Reflecting on Implicit Bias
Lin K, Chandler M A SMART and Timely Diagnosis: Stroke-Like Migraines After Radiation Therapy 
Mosaly N Not All Rashes Are Lupus: The Risk of Anchoring
Shen J, Stafford N (mentored by Dr. Feeney) An Unusual Case of Left Upper Quadrant Pain