Duke Hospitalists @ Hospital Medicine 2017

Monday, May 1, 2017

There were 4,500 registrants for this year's annual conference, "Hospital Medicine 2017," presented by the Society of Hospital Medicine. The presence of our DGIM hospitalists was evident via presentations, research abstracts, and leadership.

David Gallagher, MD, SFHM, Chief of Hospital Medicine Programs and Associate Chief Medical Officer at Duke University Hospital, was one of the faculty for the conference. On day 3 he joined Drs. Leykum (UT San Antonio) and Carlson (Southern Illinois U) in presenting "Building a Mentorship Program." Dr. Gallagher shared data about the growth of academic productivity by Duke hospitalists - growth in volume of publications, presentations, and quality improvement/research posters.

This year, Dr. Poonam Sharma, a Duke hospitalist since 2010, was honored to be a judge for the vignette poster competition. She is also a member of the Society's Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant Committee, a group releasing a new toolkit, the outcome of more than a year of planning and development. Dr. Sharma, herself, has a track record as a clinician educator, having developed a PA curriculum at Duke.

Of more than 1700 abstracts submitted, these exemplified success from Duke:


HOSPITALIST PERCEPTION OF THE IMPACT OF AN INPATIENT MEDICINE PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT STUDENT CURRICULUM: Poonam Sharma, MD*1; Megan Brooks, MD, MPH2; Pahresah Roomiany, MD1; Dr. Lalit Verma2;Sarah Hale1 and Lisa Criscione-Schreiber, MD1, (1)Duke University Health System, Durham, NC, (2)Duke Regional Hospital, Durham, NC [Link]

IMPROVING TRANSITIONS FOR ELDERS FROM THE HOSPITAL TO SKILLED NURSING FACILITIES THROUGH HOPE (HEALTH OPTIMIZATION PROGRAM FOR ELDERS) Noppon Pooh Setji, MD*1;Collette Allen, NP2; Michael Krol, MD2;William English, MBA2;Tammie Shepherd, BSN2 and Heidi White, MD2, (1)Duke University Health System, Durham, NC, (2)Duke University Hospital, Durham, NC [Link]

ASSESSING THE IMPACT OF MYCHART BEDSIDE ON THE PATIENT ENCOUNTER: John Patrick Yeatts, MD, MPH*1; Brian Carey Griffith, MD MMCi2; Noppon Pooh Setji, MD1 and Jonathan Lovins, MD, SFHM3, (1) Duke University Health System, Durham, NC, (2) Duke University Hospital, Durham, NC, (3) Duke Regional Hospital, Durham, NC [Link]

A FULL HOUSE: RE-SHUFFLING PATIENTS TO MANAGE CAPACITY ACROSS A HEALTH SYSTEM: Noppon Pooh Setji, MD*1; Adia Ross, MD2;James Helzberg3 and Gireesh Reddy3, (1)Duke University Health System, Durham, NC, (2)Duke University Hospital, Durham, NC, (3)Duke University School of Medicine, Durham, NC [Link]

SAFETY IN NUMBERS: RESULTS FROM THE RESIDENT-LED SAFETY PROGRAM AT DUKE CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL: Colby Feeney, MD*;Ashley Hanlon, MD;Jennifer M Ladd, MD;Ann Shefferly, MD;Sophie K Shaikh, MD, MPH and Victoria Parente, MD MPH, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC [Link]

A CASE OF ACQUIRED HEMOPHILIA: A RARE BLEEDING DISORDER: Dennis L. College, MD, FCCP*, Duke Regional Hospital, Durham, NC [Link]

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