Duke Hospitalists participate in SHM Annual Conference

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Last week you could have followed the entire 2018 annual conference of the Society of Hospital Medicine (#HM18) through the eyes of live tweeting by attendees, especially Duke hospitalist, Dr. Suchita Sata @SuchitaSata. Dr. Sata is a relative newbie to the Twitter stream yet we saw she was quick to pass along the pearls as she heard them plus photos that captured content and sometimes events with a bit of humor.

Posters from Duke for #HM18

Dr. Sata herself was co-author for 3 of the 11 posters from Duke – a clinical vignette, an academic engagement improvement project, and a career pitch describing an elective for senior internal medicine residents. We want to recognize other hospitalists with posters, several working with Dr. Sata: V Belcher, M Brooks, F Farber, D Gallagher, AJ Graham, B Griffith, A Kamath, J Lovins, D Ming, C Musser, C O’Brien, P Sharma, T Spector, N Patel, D. Richardson, N Setji, A Wachter, M Witte, and L Verma. The full list of titles and teams can be viewed online in our news highlight, April 9, 2018.

Three of these posters were recognized as “Finalists”. Congratulations to:

  • Chang L and Witte M for “A LOFty Diagnosis for Unusual Nodules”
  • Lin A, Futoma J, Sendak M, Bedoya A, Clement M, Gao M, Nichols M, Heller K, and O’Brien C for “Deeply-Personalized Medicine: Bringing Deep Learning to Sepsis Care” -> this one was part of a special track on day 2, chosen for oral presentations as one of the Top 15 Advances in Research and Innovations, the “Best of Research and Innovations in 2018”. Read more about Dr. O'Brien's interview with Medscape.
  • Patel N, Sharma P, Sata S, and Ming D for "Duke Hospital Medicine Academic Engagement Improvement Project"
Workshops from Duke for #HM18
  1. “Think Different: Building an Inpatient-based Program for Hospital High Utilizers”
    Dr. Pooh Setji participated with faculty from U Minnesota, U Pennsylvania, and Northwestern. As background Dr. Setji was lead author of a research paper published in the Journal of Hospital Medicine on this topic. He was able to cite large reductions in readmissions and costs. A breakout session delved into the process of developing a care plan and a complex care committee.
  2. “Using Data to Inform Quality Improvement”
    Dr. Aparna Kamath led a workshop along with 2 other speakers, one from University of Iowa and another from Christiana Care Health System. Dr. Kamath particularly helped learners to understand a tough subject, the differences between Research and Quality Improvement, their distinct activities and their overlap.
Oral Presentation for Plenary Session by Dr. O’Brien

Of the three poster finalists from Duke one was chosen for oral presentation. Read more in this week's DGIM eNews Highlight about her team's results using deep machine learning to improve in the early diagnosis of sepsis.

Putting all in perspective, this was a large conference with 4,000 attendees out of 61,000 hospitalists in the U.S. It was a new record with 1,000 posters and oral presentations. Workshop and Poster submissions are already open for 2019. The next Annual Conference will be March 24-27, 2019, in National Harbor outside Washington, DC. Click here to learn more about 2019.

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