Duke Internal Medicine Residency Program celebrates Fellowship Match 2016-2017

Friday, December 9, 2016

The 2016-17 fellowship match was announced this week. 

"We are so proud and happy to announce the 2016 Fellowship Match list for our residents and are excited for those continuing on to fellowship and those taking jobs here and around the world!" said Aimee Zaas, MD, MHS, director of the Internal Medicine Residency Program. "Each of these residents has worked incredibly hard and benefited from outstanding mentorship here at Duke. We look forward to hearing about their many accomplishments in the years to come."

Congratulations to our residents and their families, as well as to our Duke Fellowship Programs.

See a list below for where Duke Internal Medicine Residents have matched for their fellowship training.

Senior Residents Match 2016-17

Name Division Location
Katrina Abril Pulm/Critical Care Emory
Brian Andonian Rheumatology Duke
Matt Atkins Gen Med Faculty U Oklahoma
Adam Barnett Cardiology Duke
Christine Bates Pulm/Critical Care Duke
Taylor Bazemore Cardiology UNC
Eric Black-Maier Cardiology Duke
Josh Briscoe Hospice and PM Duke
Lauren Collins ID Emory
Andrew DeMaio Pulm NYU
Brittany Dixon Cardiology Washington U
Mike Dorry Pulm Duke
Jacob Feigal Outpatient Med Psych DOC/Lincoln Health/Duke Cancer Center
Eric Fountain Oncology MD Anderson
CoCo Fraiche Cardiology Beth Israel
Kevin Friede Cardiology Duke
Tim Hinohara Cardiology Mt. Sinai
Rachel Hu Oncology Cleveland Clinic
Peter Hu Cardiology Cleveland Clinic
Maggie Infeld Cardiology Vermont
Veronica Jarido GI Ohio State
Jacob Kaufman Oncology Duke
Pascale Khairallah Nephrology Columbia
David Kopin Cardiology Michigan
Linda Koshy Cardiology NYU
Liz Kotzen Adult/Ped Nephrology UNC
Lakshmi Krishnan Gen Med Fellowship Hopkins
Anirudh Kumar Cardiology Cleveland Clinic
Amy Lee Palliative Care Duke
Howie Lee GI Duke
Jim Lefler Outpatient Med Psych VA
Stephanie Li Hospital Medicine Hospitalist - North Kansas City Hospital
Samuel Lindner Internal Medicine VA CRQS
Bill McManigle Pulm Duke
John Musgrove Nephrology Duke
Titus N'geno Cardiology Duke
Ryan Orgel Cardiology UNC
Vedran Oruc Cardiology UAB
Bimal Patel Hospitalist Duke Regional
Divyang Patel Cardiology Cleveland Clinic
Mike Powers Cardiology U Iowa
Lauren Ring Hospital Medicine Hospitalist - Cedars-Sinai
Juan Sanchez GI Duke
Winn Seay Nephrology Duke
David Sermer Oncology Sloan Kettering
Alyson Shogan Hospital Medicine Duke
Kavisha Singh Cardiology UTSW
Bhavana Singh Oncology Georgetown
Matt Turrisini Team Leader, MOI University Eldoret, Kenya
Jenny Van Kirk Hospital Medicine Duke
Anne Weaver Endo Duke
Kara Wegermann GI Duke
Zach Wegermann Cardiology Duke
Kully Woodruff Doctors Without Borders  
Kahli Zietlow Geriatrics Duke