Duke Internal Medicine Residency Program celebrates Fellowship Match 2017-18

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The 2017-18 fellowship match was announced this week. 

"Congratulations to our class of senior residents for an absolutely fantastic fellowship match! We are extremely proud of your accomplishments, both in the match and for those who have interviewed and accepted faculty positions here and around the country," said Aimee Zaas, MD, MHS, program director for Duke Internal Medicine Residency. "We look forward to following your careers with great pride."

We also congratulate the Divisions in the Department of Medicine for attracting a phenomenal group of incoming fellows.

See a list below for where Duke Internal Medicine Residents have matched for their fellowship training.

Senior Residents Match 2017-18

Name Division Location
Anubha Agarwal Cardiology Northwestern
Tanya Aylward Hospitalist University of Arizona
David Beavers Cardiology Michigan
Ankeet Bhatt Cardiology Brigham
Joy Bhosai Internal Medicine Duke
AJ Blood Cardiology Brigham
Jacqueline Bolwell Hospitalist Duke
Amanda Boyd GI Duke
Landon Brown Hematology-Oncology Duke

Luke Cerbin

​Jeremy Cypen





Robert Diep Hematology-Oncology University of Washington
Megan Dupuis Hematology-Oncology MD Anderson
Logan Eberly Cardiology Emory
Rachel Feder GI University of Washington
Megan Gillum Hospitalist Alaska Indian Health Service
Kelly Ground Palliative Care UNC
Ashley Hanlon Hematology-Oncology Duke
Haley Hostetler Allergy Immunology Duke
Zach Il'Giovine Cardiology Cleveland Clinic
Azalea Kim Internal Medicine Duke
Stephan Kimani Hematology-Oncology UNC
Emily Kinsey Hematology-Oncology Duke
Joshua Lee Pulmonary Critial Care University of Washington
Samuel Lindner Cardiology Washington University - St. Louis
Jared Lowe Palliative Care Duke
Leah Machen General Internal Medicine UCSF
Juan Magana Hospitalist Salinas, CA
Elieth Martinez Hospitalist Fresno, CA
Dan Maselli GI Mayo Clinic
Maggie Moses Dermatology Stanford
Pavle Mulitinovic Allergy Immunology NIH
Sarah Nouri General Medicine UCSF
Shai Posner GI Duke
Hari Ramalingam Hematology-Oncology Duke
Anne Reihman Pulmonary Critical Care Colorado
Paul Riordan Palliative Care Duke
Ali Saadi Hospitalist Fresno, CA
John Paul Shoup Chief Resident for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Durham VA 
Caroline Sloan General Medicine Duke
Kevin Smith Palliative Care Harvard
Ashley Spann GI Vanderbilt
Megan Steiner Hematology-Oncology University of Chicago
David Sterken Hospitalist UCSF
Joanne Sutter Cardiology Rush
Julia Xu Hematology-Oncology NIH
Sipa Yankey Cardiology Duke