Duke Internal Medicine Residency Program celebrates Fellowship Match 2018-19

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The Duke Internal Medicine Residency Program celebrated the 2018-19 fellowship match this week. 

"We are so proud of our senior residents – every year the match and job market get more and more competitive, and the results speak for themselves. Duke residents are not just outstanding physicians, but outstanding people," said Aimee Zaas, MD, MHS, program director of the Duke Internal Medicine Residency. "We look forward to following your careers with pride."

We also congratulate the Divisions in the Department of Medicine for attracting a phenomenal group of incoming fellows.

See a list below for where Duke Internal Medicine Residents have matched for their fellowship training.

Senior Residents Matching to Fellowship Programs

Name Division Location
Ryan Anderson Rheumatology Duke
Kristen Batich Hematology-Oncology Duke
Corey Bradley Cardiology Columbia
Adam Brock Cardiology UNC
Todd Brophy Cardiology Cleveland Clinic
Sarah Cohen Pulmonary Critical Care Ohio State
Hannah Dzimitrowicz Hematology Oncology Duke
Chidi Egwim Nephrology Vanderbilt
David Fuller Infectious Diseases UCLA
Stephanie Garbarino Gastroenterology Duke
Brittany Gatta Palliative Care Duke
Tessa Genders Cardiology University of Colorado
Michael Grant Hematology Oncology Yale
Tara Holder Cardiology Vanderbilt
Filley Howe Gastroenterology Vanderbilt
Wynn Hunter Cardiology UTSW
James Isaacs Hematology Oncology Duke
Nicole Jawitz Gastroenterology Duke
Matthew Labriola Hematology Oncology Duke
Erin McGuire Pulmonary Critical Care NYU
Nathaniel Moulton Pulmonary Critical Care Washington University
Michael Murn Pulmonary Critical Care Columbia
Shannon Niedermeyer Pulmonary Critical Care Johns Hopkins
Maryann Osayande Gastroenterology UTSW
Nicole Pristera Cardiology Cleveland Clinic
Christopher Pumill Cardiology Mount Sinai
Talisha Ramchal Gastroenterology Duke
Benjamin Ranard Pulmonary Critical Care Columbia
Lauren Sharan Ranard Cardiology Columbia
Rebecca Ruf Nephrology Duke
Shakirat Salvador Gastroenterology Vanderbilt
Lindsey Shantzer Hematology Oncology UVA
Nicholas Shelburne Pulmonary Critical Care Vanderbilt
Claire Smith Hematology Oncology OHSU
Toi Spates Cardiology Duke
Casey Sullivan Cardiology Washington University
Matthew Tucker Hematology Oncology Vanderbilt
Daniel Turner Pulmonary Critical Care Duke
Francis Ugowe Cardiology Duke
Sky Vanderburg Pulmonary Critical care UCSF
Jasmine Washington Nephrology Vanderbilt
Brian Wasserman Pulmonary Critical Care Duke
Helen Zhang Infectious Diseases University of Pennsylvania

Senior Residents Accepting Clinical Roles

Name Position Location
Gilbert Acevedo Hospital Medicine DVAMC
Manisha Bhattacharya Hospital Medicine Duke Neuro-oncology
Katie Charles Hospital Medicine DVAMC
Lara Hayes Chief Resident QI/PS DVAMC
Courtney Lamberton Hospital Medicine TBD
Ashley Naughton Hospital Medicine TBD
Sarah Nelson Primary Care TBD
Joseph Plaksin Primary Care Lincoln CHC, Durham, NC