Duke Internal Medicine Residency Program hosts first 'Duke It Out' teaching competition

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

The Duke Internal Medicine Residency Program hosted the first "Duke It Out" teaching competition, where three internal medicine residents delivered mini-talks during a recent noon conference.

"Duke It Out" was designed as a research project by Ann Cameron Barr, MD, junior assistant resident.

"Our competitors delivered some unforgettable mini-talks, helping turn a 45-minute Zoom seminar into a learning-packed, engaging, and fun experience for our audience," said Dr. Barr. "It was amazing to see so much excitement for the event, from my co-residents, faculty, and department leadership, and I was thrilled to be able to bring more than 100 people together from across the Department of Medicine. I look forward to continuing this new tradition!"

Congratulations to the 2021 Duke It Out winner senior assistant resident Mike Burt, MD, (coached by mentor Jenny Van Kirk, MD) for his exceptional talk on hepatopulmonary syndrome! Alex Reddy, MD, (mentored by Louis Diehl, MD) and Ahmad Mourad, MD ( mentored by David Ortiz-Melo, MD) also gave excellent talks on vasopressors and hyponatremia. 

Suchita Shah Sata, MD, assistant professor of medicine (General Internal Medicine), served as Barr's mentor on the project.

"Working with Dr. Barr on this project was fantastic! She has immense energy and enthusiasm for education, and her innovation here means that we as teachers continue to learn from our residents. It was also a powerful mentoring experience for me as we were able to form a mentoring ladder, with Dr. Lisa Criscione-Schreiber mentoring me on serving as a mentor to Dr. Barr, and Dr. Barr's research grant allowed us to get great feedback on the project evaluation from the Harvard Macy educator’s community," Dr. Sata said.

To all of the competitors, faculty coaches, and judges, thank you for your dedication to this competition and to medical education.