Duke Internal Medicine Residency Program renames Chair's Conference to honor Harvey Cohen

Monday, August 3, 2020

The Duke Internal Medicine Residency Program has renamed one of its weekly noon conferences, Chair's Conference, to honor Harvey Jay Cohen, MD, Walter Kempner Distinguished Professor in the School of Medicine and former Chair of the Department of Medicine.

"Dr. Cohen is a real role model for the residents on our road to becoming lifelong learners," said Ahmad Mourad, MD, a current senior assistant resident. "With all of his responsibilities over the years, Dr. Cohen has made it a point to attend Chair's conference every Thursday, and we've all greatly benefited from his discussions and his insight."

Dr. Cohen attended the recent Chair's Conference and spoke about his participation over the years and shared the history of the conference (listen below to his full remarks).

“We thank Dr. Cohen for his dedication to resident education and to our department’s education mission overall,” said Kathleen Cooney, MD, chair of the Department of Medicine. “Dr. Cohen truly leads by example and has given so much to a generation of learners in the Department of Medicine. It is with great pleasure that we honor him in this way.”

Listen to the announcement and hear Dr. Cohen share the history of Chair's Conference