Duke Medicine recruiting chief resident to spend year in Singapore

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ralph Corey, vice chair for global health and education, has announced the following position for internal candidates.

Chief Resident (Duke Faculty)

  • Location:  Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore Singapore
  • Dates:  7/1/13 6/30/14
  • Salary: Similar to other Chief Residents at Duke
  • Housing: Provided by SingHealth
  • Supervisor: Dean Robert Kamai

Position Summary:

The chief resident will be responsible for enhancing the structure and design of clinical training of residents and medical students, including advising on the development and implementation of administrative tools and structures required for residency operations.

The purpose of this position will be to enhance and support integration of the inquisitive culture of Duke into the SingHealth Environment. The resident will select a focus of activities which may include participation in educational/clinical teaching, including bedside and seminar-based teaching, organizing and conducting seminars, assisting in curriculum development, creation of new educational tools, engaging in co-mentorship with Singapore faculty, and assisting in developing and/or enhancing clinical guidelines.

The chief resident will work with Singapore counterparts to identify and develop opportunities for collaborative research.  The chief resident will identify a focus for his/her individual program in collaboration with Duke, Duke-NUS and SingHealth education leaders.

Importantly, applicants should be innovative and flexible. Since this is a new position/opportunity there will be significant opportunities to demonstrate creativity while working with the educational leadership at NUS.

For those interested please contact Dr. Ralph Corey (919 668-7174).

Deadline: September 1st, 2012