Duke at NC ACP: Presentations, Posters, and Awards

Thursday, March 5, 2020

The North Carolina Chapter of the American College of Physicians (ACP) held it's annual conference last week at the Grandover resort in Greensboro. Duke had an outstanding presence at the conference, including medical students, residents, and faculty. A special thanks to Chief Resident, Lara Hayes, MD, who collected this information for us. 


  • Medical Problems of Pregnancy - Lynn Bowlby, MD, FACP

  • Hepatitis C - Andrew J. Muir, MD, FACP

  • Images in Medicine: Clinical Problem Solving - Paul Aronowitz, MD, MACP and Aimee Zaas, MD

  • Chief Resident Presentations: The Great Imitator - Lara Hayes, MD

  • State of the Art Tweetments: How healthcare professionals can leverage social media - Duncan Vincent, MD, FACP and Suchita Shah Sata, MD

  • Cultivating Optimism in Our Profession - Marion McCrary, MD, FACP and Diana McNeill, MD, MACP

  • Resident Doctor’s Dilemma - Duke Residents Drs. Sara Coles (PGY-2), Sean Doerfler (PGY-3), and Jeremy Brooksbank (PGY-3) 


  • Dr. Cameron Oswalt, PGY-2, winner of the clinical vignette category with “Expanding the Differential Diagnosis of Digit Pain:  Presentation of Metastatic Pheochromcytoma”
  • Dr. Elspeth Clark, of the Advanced Geriatric Training Program, winner of the QI category her poster “Uncovering Errors in Transitions from Hospital from Nursing Home: A Video Telehealth Transitions Conference” with hospitalist Dr. Aubrey Jolly-Graham.
  • MSII Samuel Hofacker winner of the research category and best overall winner for his poster “Association Between Patient Race and Staff Resuscitation Efforts after Cardiac Arrest in Outpatient Dialysis Clinics” with Dr. Myles Wolf, division chief of nephrology, and Dr. Laura Svetkey, Vice Chair for Faculty Development and Diversity in the Department of Medicine and Director of Clinical Research.
  • DUH hospitalists Drs. Noel Ivey, Dana Clifton, KristenDicks, and Noppon Setji presented their exceptional work on Improving Care for Hospitalized Patients With Opioid Use Disorder (Project COMET).
  • Amazing vignettes by DUH hospitalist Dr. Kristy Duggan, DRH Hospitalists Drs. Yasmin Marcantonio and Lalit Verma, and DRaH Hospitalists Dr. Shreevinaya Menon.
  • We were wowed by posters by med-peds PGY-1 Dr. Sarah Dillion with DUH hospitalist Dr. Stephen Telloni; PGY-2 Dr. Michael Burt with chief Dr. Caroline Sloan and oncologist Dr. Matthew McKinney; PGY-1 Dr. Amber Meservy and PGY-3 Dr. Alexander Sullivan with DUH hospital Dr. Paul Lantos; PGY-2 Cameron Oswalt with former chief Dr. Kara Wegermann with VA hospitalists Dr. Jennifer Gutierrez McCarty and Dr. Venu Reddy; MSII Kunal Goel with PGY-2 Dr. Joanna Cavalier and nephrologist Dr. John Roberts; MSII Diya Uthappa with DRH hospitalist Dr. Lalit Verma; two posters by MSII Jay Lusk with PGY-1 Dr. Noble Jones, PGY-3 Dr. Eric Wei with DUH hospitalist Dr. Joseph Brogan.

Duke sweeps the competition

Overview COMET poster won firstplace, the low risk criteria of OPAT was second place, and Dr. Duggan’s “Net of Red Herrings” won third!